Nanako Matsushima & Takashi Sorimachi, Miho Kanno & Masato Sakai… Showbiz “Co-starring Triggers” Couples “Hand-in-Hand & Car Dating” Happy Photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nanako Matsushima & Takashi Sorimachi, Miho Kanno & Masato Sakai… Showbiz “Co-starring Triggers” Couples “Hand-in-Hand & Car Dating” Happy Photos

They were supposed to play the role of lovers, but before they knew it, they became serious. ...... FRIDAY's treasured "happy shots" are all revealed!

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Nanako Matsushima (49) & Takashi Sorimachi (49)
Drama “GTO” (Fuji TV)

Sorimachi fell in love at first sight with Matsushima after they co-starred in a drama and made a fierce approach to her. More than 350 members of the press gathered for their wedding press conference. Photo shows the couple picking up their daughter in their beloved car.

♡♡♡(love love) dates, kisses, and thick bed scenes. …… It is not unusual in the entertainment industry for people who were supposed to be playing the role of lovers, but after a long production period together, they have fallen in love for real before they know it–and that is not unusual. This tends to happen more often with popular actors who are busy and rarely meet people. Let us introduce some of the unknown “marriage stories” of big married couples who made it to the goal line after co-starring in a drama or movie.

Nanako Matsushima (49) and Takashi Sorimachi (49), who got married after co-starring in “GTO” (Fuji TV) broadcast in 1998, took a year to get together. Sorimachi was in a relationship with another actress, but he was attracted to Matsushima and approached her fiercely. After settling his relationship with the actress, he formally asked her to be his girlfriend, and they ended up getting married,” says entertainment journalist Takayuki Jyoshita.

The couple, who have been married for 23 years this year, have a rule that they do not work at the same time in order to maintain their happy relationship.

The couple’s busy lives are behind the rule. In 2004, Matsushima appeared in “Sales Manager Natsuko Kira” (Fuji). Sorimachi’s appearance in “Partners” (TV Asahi) made it difficult for him to spend enough time with their child, and he neglected his child-rearing duties. Now she has adjusted her work schedule to spend more time with her children, and the family seems to be getting along well.

There is another big couple who are following the same rule as Matsushima and Sorimachi. Miho Kanno (45) and Masato Sakai (49), who made a splash in 2009 with their return to drama after a five-year absence. A veteran entertainment reporter commented, “Kanno and Sakai are a couple who have been in the news for a long time.

Kanno and Sakai want to raise their child by themselves without relying on anyone else, so they declared to everyone around them that they would give priority to their family while their child is young. In fact, Sugano has been seen on numerous occasions riding her mama-chariot to go shopping and Sakai playing in the park with their child. She has always had a strong desire to get married, and her relationship with Goro Inagaki (49), whom she dated for about eight years before Sakai, broke up due to differences in their values toward marriage. Her desire to have a family was so strong that when Sakai confessed his feelings for her, she replied, ‘If it’s on the premise of marriage, I’m OK with it,’ and their speedy marriage, which lasted about three months, became a topic of conversation.

For busy entertainers, it seems that the secret to marital bliss lies in something other than putting the family first.

Keiko Kitagawa (36) and DAIGO (45) know each other’s smartphone passwords and have nothing to hide. Also, Nana Eikura (35) and Kento Garai (33) have decided to keep their conversations close anyway. When Garai was in charge of laundry before, he reported to Eikura, ‘I took it out of the dryer on the way, hung it up once, and ran the dryer once more.

It is a well-known story that Koshi Yamamoto (46) fell in love at first sight when he co-starred with Maki Horikita (34), and sent her 40 love letters to make a strong appeal.

Yamamoto, who was one of the most popular men in the entertainment world, felt gratitude to Horikita for ″getting together. If it looks like they are going to get into a fight, he says he immediately folds himself.

The two, who met in the world of fiction, have found real happiness through their “co-starring.

Miho Kanno (45) & Masato Sakai (49)
Movie “O-OKU: Eternity [Uemon-sa, Tsunayoshi]” (O-OKU: Eternity)

Sakai, who is reserved in his private life, made a strong move on her during filming and they started dating. They often spend time together at family reunions, and in June ’18, the three of them headed to a park together.

Shun Oguri (40) & Yu Yamada (38)
Drama “Poor Boys: Bombie Men” (NTV)

They first worked together as voice actors in an animated film, and later worked together again in a drama and got together. They are now blessed with four children, and it’s smooth sailing.

Keiko Kitagawa (36) & DAIGO (45)
Drama “LADY: The Last Crime Profile” (TBS)

DAIGO made a surprise marriage proposal to Keiko Kitagawa after she completed a 100-kilometer race on “24 Hours TV” (NTV) in 2003. Photo shows a very rare pre-wedding & lovey-dovey hand-in-hand date.

Nana Eikura (35) & Kento Kaku (33)
Drama “For N” (TBS)

The two talked during breaks in the drama filming and became friends.’ In September 2008, they were seen heading to pick up their children together

Toshiaki Karasawa (60) & Tomoko Yamaguchi (58)
Drama “Jun-chan’s Cheering Song” (NHK)

They dated and married for 7 years after co-starring in a drama series, and still hold hands every night when they go to bed, more than 25 years later. Karasawa loves her so much that when asked what her treasure is, she immediately answers, “Tomoko Yamaguchi.

Akiyoshi Nakao (34) & Riisa Naka (33)
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

They started dating after becoming closer due to co-starring in a TV drama and living close to each other. They are like best friends and are very popular among young people. They even showed their first smile on a pre-wedding Japanese food date.

Kaela Kimura (38) & Eita Nagayama (40)
The Life of Matsuko, the Hateful Matsuko” movie

The couple got married 8 months after dating. The photo shows the night they attended Shota Matsuda’s (37) wedding party together in September 2006.

Koshi Yamamoto (46) & Maki Horikita (34)
Drama “Atashi no chi no danshi” (Fuji TV)

The couple made a fierce approach to each other by sending 40 love letters and became the talk of the town for their “0-day marriage. The photo shows Yamamoto after a stage performance and a pregnant Horikita who came to see the performance.

Momori Matsuzaka (34) & Erika Toda (34)
April Fools” movie

They starred in a movie together and started dating through their shared hobby of playing video games. In March 2009, they went on a “Shin Eva” date.

Go Morita (44) & Rie Miyazawa (50)
Stage “Vinyl Castle

After the performance of the stage they co-starred in, the two quickly became close. In May 2008, the beautiful couple went shopping at a high-end supermarket in Tokyo, arm in arm.

Koyuki (46) & Kenichi Matsuyama (38)
Movie “Kamui Gaiden

In a past interview, Koyuki had stated that she could never fall in love with a younger man, but she overcame the eight-year age gap and made it to the finish line. She was also seen taking a friendly walk with her children.

Yoshino Kimura (47) & Noriyuki Higashiyama (56)
They appeared together on the stage in “Farewell, My Love, Princess Haoh Bekki”.

Higashiyama says that he was attracted to Kimura’s “straightforward personality” when they co-starred together. In October 2006, a photo taken during a visit to a field day at the famous private school their two children attend.

From the July 7, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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