Yuki Amami, extremely busy with TV dramas and movies, gives encouragement at Miho Kanno’s marriage and wears a bold dress with open bosom | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuki Amami, extremely busy with TV dramas and movies, gives encouragement at Miho Kanno’s marriage and wears a bold dress with open bosom

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April ’18. After dinner with his co-stars between performances, he said, “Thank you! Sayonara.”

Actress Yuki Amami (55) has been extremely busy.

She played the heroine in the drama “Rationally Impossible: Detective Ryoko Kamimizu Ryoko’s Unraveling” (Fuji TV), which aired until July, and also appeared in the movie “Roses and Samurai 2: The Return of the Pirate Queen,” which will be released in August. She is also scheduled to appear in the stage production of “Lady Macbeth,” which opens in October.

Amami has a wide range of acting skills, from serious roles to comedic ones. She understands what is expected of her in each production and never bores the audience. He is an all-around actor.

The foundation of her acting is her career with the Takarazuka Revue Company (Takarazuka). Amami entered Takarazuka Music School in 1985 at the top of her class. As a member of Takarazuka’s 73rd class, she starred in a newcomer’s performance of “Me and My Girl” in her first year with the company. She became the top performer in the Tsuki group at the fastest time in its history and left Takarazuka at the age of 28.

FRIDAY” has been following Amami since she left Takarazuka, where she has been in demand as an actress in TV dramas and movies. She gave her sister Miho Kanno a pep talk at her wedding and wore a bold dress with an open bosom. …… We would like to introduce Amami’s overwhelming aura in these treasured photos.

Why did she shake hands with Masato Sakai with a mysterious expression on her face?

The happening occurred in April 2002. It took place in April 2002, when she was seen in the movie “Go in! The Asama-Sanso Incident.

One of the actors, Amami, appeared in a shiny silver one-piece dress. When she took the stage, she turned to the assembled press and gave a deep greeting. At that moment, her skin was boldly exposed through her wide-open bosom.

At the time, Amami was seven years into her career as an actress after becoming the top star of Takarazuka. It was a time when she was shining more brightly, winning the Blue Ribbon Award for Best Actress for her performance in the movie “A Thousand Years of Love: Hikaru Genji Monogatari” and other movies.

It was in April ’13 that I witnessed Amami’s kind consideration.

It was at a fashionable dining bar in Shirokane, Tokyo. Around 1 am, Amami came out of the bar after finishing her meal. Following her were Miho Kanno and Masato Sakai, who had just joined the family register at the time.

Amami and Kanno belong to the same agency and co-starred in the previous year’s drama “Marriage is Not an Occasion” (Fuji Television). Mr. Kanno admires Amami for her sharp wit. Mr. Amami is also very fond of Ms. Kanno. At the dining bar, it seems that they were celebrating Mr. Kanno’s marriage with close associates.

After leaving the restaurant, Kanno’s cheeks were flushed and she bowed repeatedly to Amanami. Amami herself put out her hand and shook hands with Sakai with a mysterious expression on her face. Perhaps she was saying to him, “I asked you to take care of my pretty little sister. The scene was a testament to Amami’s personality.

Amami’s career as an actress continues to grow, and she is constantly receiving offers for work. It seems that her busy but fulfilling days will continue.

She appeared in a silver one-piece at a movie event in April ’02.
Bowing deeply at the event and …
April ’13. Amami attended a dinner party to celebrate the marriage of her younger sister, Kanno.
Kanno thanked Amami repeatedly. On the right is her husband Sakai.
July ’17. Surrounded by fans waiting to see her, she proudly walked from the backstage entrance of the New National Theatre to her car.
April ’14. Even though her face is hidden, you can tell it’s her because of her style.
August 1997. At a press conference for the completion of the drama “Singles” (Kansai Television).
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