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Now Married to an Architect! Karen Takizawa’s Pre-Marital Date Photos

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Takizawa enjoying dinner with Mr. O at an Italian restaurant in Daikanyama, photo taken in December 2020.

[I] leave most of my memories to that day, but I can still remember the season and the scenery when we met. It was someone who always made my life more colorful.

Karen Takizawa, 30, a TV personality, announced her marriage on July 4. On her Instagram page, she described her encounter with her partner in a unique way. What kind of person is this person who makes her life more colorful, who has captured Takizawa’s heart? Takizawa revealed that i’ts a person who works in architecture.

He is about five years younger than me. He is reportedly a regular guy, but he is active as a model and has appeared on the romance reality show “Terrace House” (Fuji TV). Takizawa met Mr. O through an acquaintance and began dating him around May 2019.

Mr. O used to work as a carpenter, and he is a handsome man with firm muscles. Like Takizawa-san, he is a big dog lover. It was said that he has an open and cheerful personality and gets along easily with Takizawa’s friends and they make a perfect couple.

FRIDAY has often caught the two on their prenuptial dates. The first time they were spotted was in July 2020, in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, under a drizzling rain.

They were headed there in separate cabs to …

Shortly after 8:30 pm, Takizawa emerged from the cab wearing a cap and mask. Heading to a nearby multi-tenant building, she took the elevator up to a yakiniku restaurant on the second floor.

She held a yakiniku party with company executives and other people that she knew. In addition to her good friends, she was accompanied by Ms. O, her husband to be.

Takizawa reappeared about two hours later at 10:30 p.m. She and Mr. O got into separate cabs, but headed for the same place. They were headed for Takizawa’s home, a high-class condominium in Tokyo.

It was December 2020 when this magazine saw the two again. The location was an unpopular back alley in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

Mr. O appears, lighting a cigarette. He entered an Italian restaurant. It was an upscale restaurant with no signboard. Takizawa entered the restaurant 30 minutes after O-san.

It seems that this evening was a dinner party for four people, including a good friend of the owner of the restaurant and his girlfriend.” Karen and Mr. O had been dating for about a year and a half, but she had been thinking about marriage since that time. When Karen was drunk, she often said that she was thinking about marriage,” said another acquaintance.

Again, Mr. O and Takizawa got into different cars, but headed for the same place. Yes, Takizawa’s apartment.

Takizawa has found a loving partner. May the have a long and happy life a head of them!

  • Photo by Junsei Todoroki

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