Why “Academy Award-winning actress” Mayu Matsuoka wanted to appear in “Yuria-sensei no Akai Ito” even if it was a “minor role” in the much-talked-about film “Yuria-sensei no Akai Ito”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why “Academy Award-winning actress” Mayu Matsuoka wanted to appear in “Yuria-sensei no Akai Ito” even if it was a “minor role” in the much-talked-about film “Yuria-sensei no Akai Ito”.

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Mayu Matsuoka’s interaction with lead actress Miho Kanno in the drama “Yuria Sensei’s Akai Ito (Dr. Yuria’s Red Thread)” has become a topic of conversation.

Miho Kanno stars in the much-talked-about drama “Yuria-sensei no akai ito (Yuria’s Teacher’s Red Thread)” (TV Asahi). The hearts of many viewers have been gripped by the gripping exchanges between “Yuria” (Kanno) and “Michiru” (played by Maayu Matsuoka) as each episode passes by.

The drama is based on the manga of the same title by Kiwa Irie, which won the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize in 2011. Her husband, Gora (Tetsushi Tanaka), who is in need of nursing care, discovers that she has a boyfriend, Akihisa (Takashi Suzuka), a girlfriend, Michiru (Mayu Matsuoka), and sisters who appear to be illegitimate children. They start a strange life together in this “under one roof” human drama.

It is one of the most popular dramas of the current season, and examines the nature of family while dealing with various issues such as nursing care, adultery, mother-in-laws, sexual minorities, and domestic violence.

In episode 7, Yuria brings back Michiru and her family, who are sitting in a park with nowhere to go after being sarcastically told to leave by Gora’s sister, Shisori (Emma Miyazawa).

Michiru again recounts her husband’s lies and violence in the past. She also confides that her younger daughter is not Gora’s child. But it is the “love talk” that becomes the highlight of episode 7.

Michiru tells Yuria that she is worried about backing down from her younger boyfriend, Yuya (Daisho Kido), and Michiru says to him, “That’s it. Michiru complains, “Yuria acts for others, but when it comes to herself, she is a runaway. Matsuoka’s acting spirit, which has been on full display in her leading roles in the GP series, is also on full display in this episode,” said a producer from the production company.

In the 8th episode, Yuria exerts silent pressure on Matsuoka when she is hesitant about her relationship with Yuya, and she asks, “What?

When Yuria asked back, “What?

Yuria asked back,

When Yuria asked him back, he replied, “Yeah, I was just wondering if it’s a usual habit again.”

They exchanged jabs. There was a pause as they sipped tea together,
I asked him about Yuya’s proposal of marriage,

I’m so happy.

The casual but exquisite performance between the two is well worth watching.

Matsuoka, who attracted attention for her strong performance in the movie “Kirishima, Bukkatsu Yamerotte yo” (2012), played the “lonely queen” in the “Chihayafuru” series of movies, and the “Wakujimoku Furete Ro” (2005), in which she played a “complicated girl of the highest class”. (2005), for which she won the Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role three times, and Hirokazu Kore-eda’s “Millionaire” (2005), for which she won the Best Actress Award. In Hirokazu Kore-eda’s “Shoplifters’ Family” (2006), she played a complex and multifaceted character with perfect balance, winning the Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role.

This year, she also starred in the July season drama “The Best Teacher: 1 Year Later, I Was ◼ed by a Student” (NTV) and the film “Ai ni Inazuma”. It is no exaggeration to say that she is now one of the most popular actresses in Japan. Why did she appear in this film in which she did not star? The question remains.

She is a big manga fan to begin with. I read the manga before I started this film and said, ‘I never thought I would be offered the role of Michiru.

Playing a character he has never played before is an attractive role for Matsuoka, who says, “I can play a wide range of roles. She had no choice but to take on the role.

Matsuoka says that what triggered her to become an actress was “Radio Time” directed by Koki Mitani and “Wonderful Life” directed by Kore-eda, both of which she rented and watched at TSUTAYA by chance.

At the time, I was taking acting lessons, but I thought, ‘I am not good at acting. I was taking acting lessons at the time, but I thought, ‘I’m not good at acting,’ and I was putting a lid on my love of acting,” said Matsuoka. He also confesses in his book that he “came to face up to his own ineptitude” after seeing those two films.

Since then, Matsuoka has worked hard with the goal of appearing in films by these two actors.’ In 2004, he played the role of Haru, the jealous wife of Nobushige Sanada (Masato Sakai), in the historical drama “Sanadamaru” (NHK), for which Mitani wrote the script, and he also appeared in a “Mitani comedy” play.

She also appeared in the “Mitani Kigeki” stage play. In the film “Shoplifters” directed by Kore-eda, she gave an outstanding performance. She has joined the ranks of acting actresses. However, her dream has not yet come true.

I want to be the kind of actor that, when the two of you open up the map to make a film, people will say, ‘Oh, there’s Maayu Matsuoka. I want to be an actor who is interesting, not just good or bad. I plan to become very interesting in my 50s, so I hope you both live a long life.

Says Maayu Matsuoka. In the drama “Yuria-sensei no akai ito (Dr. Yuria’s red string),” Matsuoka has taken on a role she has never played before, and her pursuit of her next prey is the very essence of a hunter. What are those vacant eyes staring at now? ……

I am sure I am not the only one who wants to know the answer.

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