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Niigaki and Hoshino collaborate! Kanno & Sakai, Matsushima & Sorimachi… The Happiness of “Co-starring Couples

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February 2005. Gakki gives a bouquet of flowers to Hoshino after receiving the Hollandor Award (Image: Jiji Press)

The couple, Yui Aragaki (33) and Gen Hoshino (41), who married in May 2009, are once again in the spotlight.

When the information was released on May 22, it immediately became a hot topic on the Internet. The Internet was immediately filled with congratulatory comments.

The best collaboration between a married couple in the entertainment industry.

Gakkie’s movie’s theme song is Minamoto-san’s!

What a wonderful reunion!

The two started dating when they co-starred in the drama “Escape is Shameful but Useful” (TBS), which aired in 2004.

Five years after the drama aired, they got to know each other better when the special version of the drama aired in 2009. After the filming, they started a full-fledged relationship on the premise of marriage. Gakki is a shy person, so she doesn’t often talk frankly with her co-stars, but she and Mr. Hoshino seemed to enjoy talking outside of the shooting. They would pat each other on the head, or he would gently take one of the earphones Gakki was listening to and say, ‘Do you like this? (An employee at a commercial key station).

They were in a lover’s setting, and they were attracted to each other. ……

When Sakai approached Kanno, Kanno said, “If it’s on the premise of marriage,” and Kanno agreed.

Many celebrity couples have reached the goal line after co-starring in a movie or TV drama.

Miho Kanno (44) and Masato Sakai (48) in the movie “O-oku: Eternal” (2012), Nanako Matsushima (48) and Takashi Sorimachi (48) in the drama “GTO” (1998, Kansai TV), Keiko Kitagawa (35) and DAIGO (44) in the drama “Lady: The Last Crime Profile” (2011, TBS), and Keiko Kitagawa and DAIGO in the morning drama “Jun Tomoko Yamaguchi (57) and Toshiaki Karasawa (58) in the morning drama “Jun-chan no Ouen Uta” (1998, NHK). ……

In the drama series, they spend a lot of time together during filming. When it comes to serial dramas, they spend a lot of time together during filming, and their feelings for each other are likely to grow stronger.

Even for the most glamorous celebrity couples, happiness does not always continue unconditionally after marriage. Just as in ordinary families, it is important to be considerate of each other’s needs.

For example, Mr. Kanno and Mr. Sakai have a clear division of labor and housework when one of them is busy, and when a sequel to the hit drama “Hanzawa Naoki” (TBS) was decided in 2008, Mr. Sakai, the lead actor, was quite confused. The new coronavirus had begun to spread, and filming was not going smoothly.

It was Ms. Kanno who gave Mr. Sakai the support he needed. She took on everything from managing the household finances to childcare and socializing with her mother’s friends. She wanted her husband to devote himself to his work and not worry about the house.

Matsushima and Sorimachi have a good relationship because they respect each other.

Mr. Sorimachi said, “For the past 10 years or so, Mr. Matsushima has not been actively involved in dramas or movies. This is because Mr. Sorimachi was extremely busy with the “Partners” drama series (TV Asahi). Ms. Matsushima was in charge of the house.

This year, when her child-rearing duties came to an end, Ms. Matsushima’s exposure increased. This is because Mr. Sorimachi voluntarily left “Partners” and began to support Ms. Matsushima. Mr. Sorimachi appreciates Ms. Matsushima’s talent as an actress more than anyone else. I think she has decided that from now on she will bear the burden of housework and support Ms. Matsushima” (production company employee).

Even after 10 or 20 years of marriage, celebrity couples remain on good terms. Behind this is a love for their partners that never seems to fade.

Sorimachi (right) highly appreciates Matsushima’s ability as an actress.
The scene of Kitagawa and DAIGO’s pre-marital hand-in-hand date
Yamaguchi and his wife Karasawa walking down an alley in Yotsuya Arakicho, Tokyo, on a night in March 2008.
Erika Toda and Momori Matsuzaka, who got married after co-starring in the movie “April Fools” released in 2003
Yu Yamada and Shun Oguri on a secret trip to Onomichi, Hiroshima, in May 2008; their relationship was sparked by their appearance in the 2008 drama “Poor Boys: Bombie Men” (Nittele)
Asami Mizukawa and Masataka Kubota on a driving date in November 2005. They co-starred in the drama “Bokutachi ga Yatte” (Fuji) that same year.
Noriyuki Higashiyama and Yoshino Kimura, who were eye-catching at a field day at a prestigious private school in October 2006, co-starring in the 1993 film “Saraba, My Love: High King Princess.
Nana Eikura and Kento Kaku, who started dating after co-starring in the drama “For N” (TBS) broadcast in 2002
Narumi Yasuda and Noritake Kinashi, who co-starred in the 1986 film “Soroban Zuku
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