Yui Aragaki and Gen Hoshino Embrace Ultra-Luxury New Life in Rare 3LDK Property Exceeding 1.5 Million Yen, Cultivating a ‘Top-Secret Married Life’ | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yui Aragaki and Gen Hoshino Embrace Ultra-Luxury New Life in Rare 3LDK Property Exceeding 1.5 Million Yen, Cultivating a ‘Top-Secret Married Life’

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A thick coat obscures the lines of her body, but her slender style stands out. I called a cab with my phone.

Under a clear winter sky, a tall woman was waiting for a cab in a quiet, upscale residential area far from the bustle of the station.

She was wearing a bucket hat so deeply and a large mask that I could hardly see her face. Because of this “high alert,” no one on the street recognized her as Yui Aragaki (35).

I never thought the day would come when I would have to make such a report about my personal life.”

It was in May 2009 that Aragaki announced her marriage to Minamoto Hoshino (43). On her official website, she wrote a lengthy message of gratitude to those who had supported her. Their “Runaway Shame Marriage” caused a tremor in the entertainment world, as they were brought together after co-starring in the drama “Escape is Shameful but Useful” (TBS), which became a social phenomenon.

Three years have passed since then, and rumors are circulating in the entertainment world that are hard to believe.

Gakkee was furious when she found out that Hoshino was cheating on her. They have separated and a breakup is imminent.

The rumor is that they separated and are close to breaking up. This rumor started spreading around the entertainment media last fall and spread quickly after the new year.

A number of media outlets are now trying to get the inside scoop on the couple,” said a senior entertainment executive.

“Several media outlets are now covering the story,” said a senior executive of an entertainment professional.

FRIDAY, which began covering the story with some skepticism, however, soon witnessed a shocking scene.

One day in February, the car that picked up Hoshino after work returned not to the high-class, high-security apartment for celebrities that she and Gakky had chosen together, but to a recently built, low-rise condominium.

The rent of over 1.5 million yen for a three-bedroom apartment is impressive, but what should also be noted is the small number of units. Here, you can probably live without seeing other residents. It’s a luxurious structure” (staff member of a real estate company).

That’s fine, but, Hoshino, what is it that you are not happy about Gakki? ……

A few days later, a disappointed FRIDAY reporter came across the scene described above near the low-rise apartment building in question. Hmmm? Does this mean that they are not separated, but simply moved into a new apartment together?

Gakki is the type of person who prefers to live quietly. She is the type who wants to live quietly. Even her marriage to Hoshino was a speedy marriage after a top-secret relationship. For a while, there were whispers that the couple was in danger because Hoshino stopped talking about Gakki on the radio, but that is not true.

Most recently, when he talked about his 43rd birthday on the January 30 broadcast of “Gen Hoshino’s All Night Nippon” (Nippon Broadcasting System), he shared a friendly episode in which he said, “When I was sick in bed, my wife bought me meat and a cake.

In a previous interview in the magazine “Da Vinci,” Hoshino said, “Since I started living with my wife, I have more time to live a pure life. I cherish that time very much now,” he said.

This new ″love nest″ will be enough to fulfill his wishes.

He goes out in his favorite coat, shoes, and bag, but since his face is completely invisible, no one passing by notices him.
The movie “Diary of a Different Country,” in which Gakki plays the lead role, is scheduled to be released in June. Even as a married woman, she is still a successful actress. The photo shows the location of the film.
In mid-February, Hoshino gets into a pick-up car after work. The car is going to a different apartment from the love nest where the couple lived after their marriage.
Yui Aragaki and Minamoto Hoshino’s “top-secret married life” in their new “super-luxury” house.

From the March 29, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Shu Nishihara, Yoshito Murata

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