Popular Idols, Comedians and Celebrities’ Spicy Love Photo that Colored the First Half of 2022! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Popular Idols, Comedians and Celebrities’ Spicy Love Photo that Colored the First Half of 2022!

Travis Japan's Kanya Yoshizawa's love affair, Seiya from "Shimobori Meisei" with an unexpected partner, and more!

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The year 2022 is almost around the corner! Catch here the playback of this year’s hot love affairs that have been making the rounds.


Travis Japan’s Shizuya Yoshizawa (26) ♡ Cosmetologist (March 18 issue)

It was after 7:00 p.m. in mid-February, when the two went to a neighborhood convenience store. After shopping, they walked towards home together.Featuring the young idol group from Johnny’s Office, “Travis Japan”. Despite the fact that they had not yet made their debut, “Travis Japan” gained tremendous popularity, but one of the members, Shizuya Yoshizawa (26), has been in a secret relationship with an older woman for about four years.It started when Yoshizawa fell in love at first sight on a blind date and made a move on her. They are currently enjoying their relationship to the fullest, taking a hot spring trip to Izu together during Yoshizawa’s vacation.


Shimofori Myojo’s Seiya (29) ♡ Heroine at 3 o’clock’s Maki Fukuda (33) (February 4 issue)

When Seiya was interviewed in front of his home, he desperately denied having a girlfriend, but later on admitted that he spent the night of New Year’s Eve with Fukuda!
Early in the new year, Fukuda went to work from her home. At that time, it seemed that her relationship with Seiya was still going on. On New Year’s Eve, just after 7:00 p.m., Seiya (29) of “Shimofori Myojo” rushed to the apartment of “3 o’clock heroine” Maki Fukuda (33) from his workplace. Seiya welcomed the New Year at Fukuda’s apartment, and 40 minutes later, he left the apartment to go back to work. However, Seiya confessed his breakup with his “girlfriend” on “All Night Nippon” on January 14. It seems that the love between the two successful comedians has ended due to their busy work schedule. 

Asei Miki (33) ♡ Mie no Ko (January 28)

Asei and his girlfriend went to a local diner, holding hands in a sweet manner. They were already enjoying their “honeymoon life”.Asei (33) of the comedy duo “Miki” was having a leisurely dinner with a beautiful woman resembling Satomi Shigemori while watching TV at a popular set menu restaurant on the street in front of the station. After leaving the restaurant, they went back to their house. They looked like a newlywed couple. The other party must be his girlfriend, to whom he had been forced to make a public marriage proposal on TV a few weeks earlier. When Asei was asked about marriage, he admitted that he was in a relationship with the intention of getting married, but also said, “I don’t have any plans yet. We still hope for the best!”.

Shonentai’s Katsuhide Uekusa (55) ♡ Company President (April 15 issue)

Uekusa sneaks out of a hotel on Valentine’s Day night after spending nearly 10 hours alone with his girlfriend.
She gets into Uekusa’s car in the parking lot of the hotel. It was her usual pattern to leave at different times to avoid being seen.It was on February 14, the night of Valentine’s Day, that the “love hotel affair” of Katsuhide Uekusa (55) of “Shonentai” was scooped. The woman is the president of an event company in her late 30s, who also supports Uekusa’s entertainment activities. At the end of last year, the two visited a love hotel in the suburbs of Chiba City, where a short stay of 2.5 hours costs 3,000 yen.However, Uekusa adamantly denied this in a direct interview with this magazine, saying, “I didn’t go to a love hotel.” There was no trace of the former super idol who laid the foundation of the golden era of Johnny’s.


Takaaki Ishibashi (60) ♡ Unrevealed Woman (Feb. 11 issue)

Ishibashi and a beautiful woman were caught leaving a cafe after 7 pm. Walking slowly out to the street, they waved goodbye at the intersection.Takaaki Ishibashi (60) was seen on a cafe date one winter day. It was about 5:30 in the evening when he was caught spending time with a beautiful woman of an unknown age, sipping tea in a casual manner. Afterwards, they walked out of the store side by side, waving goodbye to each other. Takaaki is now single after divorcing Honami Suzuki (55) last July. Is this the beginning of a new love affair?

Risa Hirako (51) ♡ Katsuyuki Murai (52) (March 25 issue)

The two left the apartment where they live together. Most of the time, Murai takes the wheel and drives Hirako to work.The relationship between model Risa Hirako (51) and actor Katsuyuki Murai (52) seems to be going well. Only Hirako got out of the car near Harajuku and went shopping alone. Later, when interviewed by a magazine, Hirako acknowledged their relationship but said, “I am not thinking about marriage at the moment.”. The “original witch beauty” who showed off her sexy lingerie on her Instagram in March of this year as she did last year, seems to be on a roll both publicly and privately this year.

From the May 20 and 27, 2022 issues of “FRIDAY

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