Ryoma Takeuchi and Ayaka Miyoshi are about to get married! …Overcoming the suspicions of “transfer” and “looting”, the passionate love photo “conveys their true love”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoma Takeuchi and Ayaka Miyoshi are about to get married! …Overcoming the suspicions of “transfer” and “looting”, the passionate love photo “conveys their true love”.

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Takeuchi and Miyoshi said to be about to get married (’20 June 5)

Ryoma Takeuchi (30) and Ayaka Miyoshi (27) may be getting married soon…

According to an August 25 issue of “Evening Fuji,” the two are still living together in a luxury tower apartment, and have been spotted many times at nearby supermarkets and convenience stores, shopping in their loungewear. There are also reports that they have been visiting each other’s parents’ homes and introducing themselves to each other, so it would not be surprising if they were to announce their marriage at any time.

FRIDAY” scooped their love affair three years ago. In May 2008, FRIDAY reported that the two were living together in Takeuchi’s high-rise condominium, along with a photograph of the two of them.

Until then, Takeuchi had been living together with actress Yoshitani Ayako (31), known for her commercials for the career change website BizReach, and was thought to be close to getting married. However, in April 2008, Takeuchi unilaterally broke up with Yoshitani and kicked her out of the house they were living in. The reason was to “switch” to Miyoshi.

Their first meeting was on the August 2004 broadcast of “Merengue no kikan” (TBS), for which Miyoshi was a sub-MC. They performed together again as a couple at the ‘Seventeen Summer School Festival’ in 2005 and walked the runway, which rapidly brought them closer together,” (Takeuchi’s acquaintance).

After Takeuchi and Miyoshi enjoyed a friendly shopping trip, they got into a white luxury foreign car. There were a total of five people in the car: two men and one woman who appeared to be friends, in addition to the two men. After stopping at a residential area in Nakameguro around 8:00 p.m., the group enjoyed a nighttime drive with music playing loud enough to be heard leaking into the surrounding area. Takeuchi, in particular, seemed to be in a groove, shaking her head vigorously while wearing sunglasses. Dropping off his friends along the way, the car arrived at Takeuchi’s home a little after midnight. Takeuchi and Miyoshi disappeared into a high-rise apartment building.

Takeuchi denied dating Miyoshi when directly confronted by this magazine, but in February 2009, we again scooped Miyoshi moving into Takeuchi’s apartment. It was thought that they were on the verge of marriage. However,

Takeuchi wanted to marry Miyoshi right away, and she had already informed her office of her intention to do so. However, Takeuchi was at the peak of his popularity at the time and had become a signature actor supporting the office. On the other hand, Miyoshi was seen as having “stolen” Takeuchi from Yoshitani, and his image as an actress was at its worst. It seems that the agency really wanted to make their marriage a serious relationship scenario, as if they had finally made their love fruitful after 10 years of dating,” said a senior executive at a show business firm.

(A senior executive of an entertainment professional).

Three years have passed since then, and the image of Takeuchi and Miyoshi as a couple who “switched places” and Miyoshi as a “plundering” couple is being erased. (WOWOW), in which Takeuchi plays a death-row inmate for the first time in her career.

Takeuchi, who was once popular as an idol but now often plays sturdy, masculine characters, is surely not the only fan jealous of their marriage. We await good news.

Ryoma Takeuchi and Ayaka Miyoshi shopped at a flower shop in Shibuya, Tokyo, at 5 pm. With souvenirs in hand, they headed to a friend’s house in the suburbs of Tokyo (”0 June 5, 2008 issue).
The two played around in the groove until midnight (June 5, ’20 issue).
The two played around until midnight (June 5, 2008 issue).
Takeuchi and Miyoshi visited an apparel store in Minato-ku, Tokyo, after closing time. Mikichi seemed to be a regular customer, and a store employee welcomed him with an open lock.
The two shopping at Donki (June 5, ’20 issue)
The two returning to their car after shopping at Donki (June 5, ’20 issue).
Takeuchi denied dating Miyoshi when this magazine directly interviewed him… (June 5, 2008 issue)
Mikichi talking with a man who seemed to be a relative during a break in the moving process (March 5, 2009 issue).
Perhaps they were on their way home from shopping, both carrying paper bags. They then returned home in a luxury car driven by Takeuchi (Sept. 3, ’21 issue).
Takeuchi’s recent image is quite stout (July 8, ’22 issue).
  • PHOTO Takao Kawakami, Toshikatsu Tanaka, Takero Yuzuru, Yasuko Sakaguchi, Yusuke Kondo

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