Former Olympic Chapion, Ai Fukuhara’s Old Love Nest Mansion Sold at a Cheap! Is She Now Preparing for Her Second Marriage? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Olympic Chapion, Ai Fukuhara’s Old Love Nest Mansion Sold at a Cheap! Is She Now Preparing for Her Second Marriage?

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Ai Fukuhara has sold her “love nest” with her ex-husband and is moving forward with her second marriage.

Ai Fukuhara, a former Olympic medalist in table tennis, is steadily preparing for her second marriage to a man she is dating.

Last spring, Fukuhara was found to be on a sleepover date in Yokohama with a married younger man, Mr. X. They were staying in the same room at a hotel. Although she denied staying in the same room at a hotel, she was subjected to heavy bashing.

Her relationship with her husband, Chiang Hung-Chieh , who lives in Taiwan, also became strained, and in July of the same year a divorce was finalized, with her two children being raised by her husband, who has joint custody of them.

Later, Mr. X also divorced his wife in November of the same year. At that time, “Shukan Bunshun” and “Josei Seven” successively reported that Fukuhara had started dating.

In the Bunshun article, Mr. X’s ex-wife was interviewed and accused Fukuhara of “looting” her husband. In response,  Fukuhara did not make any particular comment. The last thing she said was a statement she released at the time of her divorce from Mr. Chiang.

It was also discovered that Fukuhara had been hurrying to get her affairs in order immediately after her own divorce was finalized. The Taiwanese media reported at once that the million-dollar apartment where Fukuhara and Chiang had been married had long since been sold.

According to Taiwanese media outlet Good House News, the couple’s love nest was located in a corner of a celebrity district, and the purchase price was about NT$39 million (about ¥171.6 million).

They lost NT$7.8 million (approx. ¥34 million) in the sale.

The two are said to have lost NT$7.8 million (about 34 million yen) as a result of the sale. Huaken International, to which the two belong, has acknowledged the fact of the sale, but has not disclosed the amount of the transaction.

What is noteworthy is that the sale took place not this year, but last October. The sports newspaper reporter mentioned above said, “In November of the following year, Mr. X’s divorce was finalized.”

Mr. X’s divorce was finalized the following November. Did he want to start the relationship with a clean slate? Or was it a coincidence? The circumstances surrounding this are also causing speculation in Taiwan.

He said, “I am not sure.”

Since he easily lost 34 million yen, it would seem that he had a lot on his mind.

It is not known whether Mr. Fukuhara or Mr. Chiang received more of the proceeds from the transaction. Usually, it is determined by the ratio of the investment at the time of purchase, but considering that Mr. Fukuhara unilaterally divorced Mr. Jiang halfway through the transaction, it may be different from the general market price. Incidentally, Mr. Chiang has made statements ostensibly encouraging Fukuhara and Mr. X’s relationship.

Fukuhara is said to be pursuing a relationship with Mr. X with a view to remarrying. Although bashing is still rife in Japan, she does not seem to be bothered by it. The media coverage of their alleged affair last spring has been drastically reduced compared to last spring’s reports.

One of the reasons for this is that Fukuhara is divorced and currently single, and Mr. X is also single. (TV station insider)

Fukuhara is also eyeing China, not Japan, from a business standpoint. When it was reported that Fukuhara started dating Mr. X last December, in contrast to the criticism in Japan, the majority of opinions in China were in Fukuhara’s favor.

Sina Sports, a Chinese media outlet, wrote an article titled “Why are the Japanese media so harsh on her?”

The article pointed out, “Both are single, and it is no longer inappropriate; they are simply telling the world they are in love.” He added, “Ai Fukuhara, who is divorced, received unfair comments because of the low status of women in Japan and the lack of awareness of feminism.”

He defended her.

Fukuhara has avoided commenting publicly in Japan since her divorce from her former husband, Chiang, was finalized. It seems that she is quietly nurturing her love for Mr. X, as if  silence is golden.

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