Ai Fukuhara was badly damaged by the “first son abduction scandal”… “Strategic nature” of the accusation press conference “set up” by her ex-husband with a “famous lawyer”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ai Fukuhara was badly damaged by the “first son abduction scandal”… “Strategic nature” of the accusation press conference “set up” by her ex-husband with a “famous lawyer”.

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Chiang Hung-Chieh, Ai Fukuhara’s ex-husband, at a press conference accompanied by his lawyer Aiko Ohbuchi, famous for her TV appearances.

‘Come to think of it, that’s what happened. Were you still struggling with ……?”

Many people probably had this impression.

On July 27, Chiang Hung-Chieh, the ex-husband of Ai Fukuhara, held an emergency press conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo and appealed to Mr. Fukuhara to return their first son, based on a Japanese court judgment.

Fukuhara and Jiang’s divorce was finalized in ’21. However, the divorce did not go off without a hitch, and it is still fresh in the memory that before the divorce was finalized, Jiang’s alleged moral harassment and Fukuhara’s adultery were picked up by weekly magazines, resulting in a bogged-down divorce.

After the divorce was finalized, the two released a comment jointly in their names,

Our children will be under joint custody.

The term “joint custody” means “joint custody” in Japanese. Joint custody” means that both the mother and the father have parental rights, but this seems to be complicating matters.

Last July, Jiang became a topic of conversation when he posted on SNS that Fukuhara had taken their oldest son to Japan and could not be reached. Fukuhara denied it, but nothing was reported after that, so we assumed that the issue had been resolved, but this press conference revealed that the issue had not been resolved.

Moreover, Jiang has filed a lawsuit in the Japanese courts, and at the press conference it was revealed that the Tokyo Family Court has issued a “temporary restraining order” ordering Fukuhara to hand over the child. Furthermore, he has indicated that if he does not comply with the order, he may press criminal charges against Fukuhara.

Fukuhara’s side is not keeping silent.

The lawyer representing Fukuhara took to her official social networking site,

Mr. Jiang’s allegations are based on one-sided allegations, and the judicial process in Japan has not yet been finalized, and we are awaiting further proceedings. Unfortunately, Mr. Jiang’s press conference today lacked consideration for the protection of children.

he refuted. Furthermore,

《The judge has instructed that the contents of this domestic affairs case will not be made public during the court session on March 27, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.》. We urge Mr. Chiang Hung-Chieh not to violate the judge’s request.

I protested.

It was beginning to look like something was about to turn into a quagmire, but many were surprised that the TV stations were covering this fiasco, and in the regular news. One reason may be that Fukuhara was a nationally known athlete, but a producer of a wide-ranging TV show said that this may have been Jiang’s “strategy.

The last time the social networking site was ineffective, he probably thought that a court order alone would not solve the problem. They wanted to use the Japanese media to corner Mr. Fukuhara by publicizing the court order. However, if we just held a press conference, only the Internet news or at most a wide show would cover it, but by holding the conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, more media would report it.

Moreover, Ms. Jiang is represented by lawyer Aiko Ohbuchi. Ms. Jiang’s attorney is the famous lawyer Aiko Ohbuchi, who has appeared on TV many times, and her husband is the famous actor Kazuhiko Kanayama, so it is expected to attract even more attention.

That is not all. At the press conference, Ms. Jiang tearfully appealed for help, but she seemed to have lost weight compared to before, and more and more people are cheering for her, saying they feel sorry for her.

Also at the press conference, Mr. Ohbuchi, attorney-at-law, said,

Mr. Jiang is the general manager of WTT (Japan), an outside director of a Japanese listed company, and is active in Japan and abroad. I think it is a matter that should be raised whether a person in such a position can act in such a manner.

Fukuhara is concerned about the impact of the accusations on his work.

The timing could be said to be the worst, since on July 19, it was decided that the “World Table Tennis (WTT) Women’s Finals 2023,” the final women’s table tennis tournament on the international tour, would be held in Japan for the first time in December, and Fukuhara had just announced her comments. Normally, she would have had to actively go public and conduct promotional activities toward the end of the year, but it was definitely difficult to do so,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

(Sports newspaper reporter) Will Jiang’s strategy to win with the public and the media on his side really be a victory? Regardless of how the matter is settled, we hope that the children will not be unhappy.

  • Interview and text by Hiroyuki Sasaki (Entertainment Journalist)

    Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Sasaki became a reporter for FRIDAY at the age of 31, reporting numerous scoops during his time at FRIDAY and later working mainly for the weekly magazine. Currently, he also appears on TV and radio as a commentator.

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