Living the ‘Real Life’ While Portraying the ‘Sadness’ of Being in One’s Forties – Haruka Kiminami the Actress in Demand | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Living the ‘Real Life’ While Portraying the ‘Sadness’ of Being in One’s Forties – Haruka Kiminami the Actress in Demand

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Kiminami at an event at Tiffany & Co. in Ginza in July 2011.

Haruka Kiminami (38) is starring in two drama series in the April season, and she plays the eldest of three sisters in both of them.

Both dramas are about love, marriage, and divorce. Both revolve around love, marriage, and divorce. Ms. Kiminami plays a woman on the edge of a cliff, and she is very popular among female viewers. Hey Handsome! has also been made into a movie, which is scheduled to be released in June,” says a TV magazine writer.

(TV magazine writer). In “Sexy Tanaka-san” (NTV), which she starred in during the October season last year, she also won the Best Actress Award at the 118th The Television Drama Academy Awards for her role as an office worker in her forties who performs her job perfectly but has trouble communicating with others.

Kiminami formed the idol unit “Licca” with Ayana Sakai and Yu Abiru in 2002, but the group did not sell at all, and she turned to acting in 2004. Her name first became known to the public when she played a character in a drama reenactment for the variety show “Law of Misfortune” (Nippon Television).

In the “Yusha Yoshihiko” series (TV Tokyo), her free and uninhibited performance, in which it was hard to tell whether she was improvising or following a script, won her acclaim, and in the “Seize suru dake iru bakeru” (TBS) series, she was called “the female version of Fuyuhiko-san,” and her psychopathic performance was so praised. Her performance was highly praised. Although she is a popular actress now, she has played a wide variety of roles since she was young,” said a broadcaster.

She married Hiroshi Tamaki (44) in 2006 and gave birth to their first child in 2008. She is also known as one of the most avid bread lovers in the entertainment industry. Department stores hold events featuring bread stores selected by Kiminami, and she also produces a bread delivery service. Her private life is also supported by women of her generation.

For this reason, she frequently appears on variety shows and talk shows for PR purposes, and she is very popular among variety show staff for being “really friendly” and having a sense of humor.

She is also known for her appearance on “Zenryoku,” a show known for having many actresses who want to appear on it! Derekiryoku Times” on April 26, Ms. Kiminami appeared on the show along with Shintaro Moriyama of “Mimikazuchi. In this show, the rule is not to laugh, and it is also a “promise” to act extreme against comedians who are well-trained in the art of comedy.

Ms. Kiminami, dressed as an interpreter, surprised Teppei Arita of “Curimu” and the staff by saying with a straight face, “Please introduce me to a dirty Japanese girl” and “Please share with me the product you are using. As expected of someone from the Kansai region, he understood how to laugh,” said Variety! She knows how to make people laugh.

There is no doubt that Kiminami is a talented actress, but why is it that she is always offered the role of a woman in her twilight years?

In the case of TV dramas, actresses who have played leading roles since their youth do not always get roles that are appropriate for their age just because they have aged. For example, not all actresses in their 40s and 50s can play mothers.

A director of a commercial TV drama series told us this.

I hear that actresses who have enjoyed idol-like popularity and starred in leading roles for a long time suddenly find it difficult to choose work when they reach their 40s. For example, at the same agency as Ms. Kiminami, the three daughters Haruka Ayase (39), Kyoko Fukada (41), and Satomi Ishihara (37) are the signatures. However, it is hard to imagine these people being able to play the sadness of an arafu woman or a psychopathic villain without becoming comedic.

Considering the roles they have played and the images they have portrayed, the reality is that it is difficult to make them an offer. In this respect, Ms. Kiminami has already experienced this. The difference is huge. If I had to name another actress, it would be Sakura Ando (38).

Like Kiminami, Ando is married and the mother of a child, and it is still fresh in her mind that she won the “Japan Academy Award” for best leading actress two years in a row.

Ando’s starring role in the time-repetition comedy “Brush Up Your Life” (NTV) last January attracted a lot of attention after she was the heroine in the morning drama “Manpuku” (NHK). In the films “A Certain Man” and “Monster,” she plays a woman with a dark sorrow. Many people in the industry have compared Ms. Ando’s recent activities with those of Ms. Kiminami.

In their personal lives, both have happy families by all accounts. Many female fans feel that having such actresses play unhappy arafas is, in a sense, not too realistic, but just right. I think we will see more and more offers for Ms. Kiminami in the future.” (Casting producer)

The future is bright for Haruka Kiminami, a powerful and charming actress who is a realistic, powerful, and charming actress.

The couple’s first two shots four months after their marriage (’18 Oct. 19 issue)
Tamaki and Kiminami walking side by side. Tamaki Hiroshi showed his gentlemanly behavior by opening the car door for Kiminami Haruka (December 20, ’19 issue).
They parked the car in a parking area and went shopping (December 20, ’19 issue).
After shopping, the two returned to their car (Dec. 20, ’19 issue)
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