Goro Inagaki, the only bachelor in “New Map,” confesses that his family has grown… Surprising Family Situation of Former SMAP Members | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Goro Inagaki, the only bachelor in “New Map,” confesses that his family has grown… Surprising Family Situation of Former SMAP Members

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Goro Inagaki is the only bachelor in “New Map.” In an interview with Bunshun, he said he has a new family (’18).

Former SMAP member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi made a VTR appearance on the September 26 broadcast of the information program “DayDay.” He was asked about his family at home, but tactfully dodged the question.

On the 25th, the previous day, Kusanagi appeared on stage to celebrate the third anniversary of “Midnight Swan,” a movie in which he starred that was released in September 2020. In an interview with “DayDay”, when asked about his recent activities, he replied, “Skipping three steps. Not two steps, but three steps. Not two steps.” He confessed, “I can still do it.” Kusanagi, who turned 49 this July, said, “I sometimes do one-handed cartwheels. It is quite difficult. I do it at home,” he said, revealing his active private life.

The program staff asked him, “How do your family members react?” Kusanagi looked thoughtful for a moment, averting his eyes to the side. After that, he said, “My dog is surprised. He’ll run away. What are you doing so suddenly?”

Speaking of Kusanagi, he got married to an ordinary woman on December 30, 2020. He did not mention the woman’s background or how he met her in his comments at the time, perhaps because his partner was a non-showbiz.

Since then, Kusanagi has had almost no opportunity to talk about his married life. As for this interview, some fans on the Internet said, “When the staff asked him about his family’s reaction, he answered, ‘My dog,’ and then said, ‘Tatsuyopon, you are a first-rate idol,’ ‘I like that you answer only about your dog,’ ‘The fact that you don’t talk about your wife more than necessary, He was impressed that he covered his dog’s story by bringing up his beloved dog.”

Following Kusanagi, former SMAP member Shingo Katori announced his marriage to a non-showbiz woman on December 28, 2021. Katori similarly withheld details about his wife, and her lifestyle is shrouded in mystery.

Kusanagi, Katori, and Goro Inagaki left Johnny’s in September 2017 after the group disbanded in 2016, and joined forces with SMAP’s chief manager, Michi Iijima, and the three launched a new project, New Map, and have been working together ever since.  It is probably Iijima’s policy that Kusanagi and Katori try not to give off the scent of home. For example, Takuya Kimura during his SMAP days rarely talked about his wife, Shizuka Kudo, or their two daughters in public. However, after Iijima left Johnny’s and SMAP disbanded, he gradually began to “sell” his family.

In January 2017, Kudo opened an Instagram account, where she posted a series of homemade dishes and recipes she was proud of, which got a lot of attention of the netizens. Later, their second daughter, Koki, and eldest daughter, Cocomi, made their debut in the entertainment industry. The Kimura family regularly shows their good relationship by responding to each other’s posts on Instagram. In recent years, Kimura has even posted a congratulatory message on Instagram on Kudo’s birthday, April 14, saying, “happy birthday!” Kimura probably began “opening up his family” at the same time that Iijima was no longer involved in his management and began his solo activities.

On the other hand, Goro Inagaki, the only bachelor in the “New Map” group, casually reported the addition of a new family member. In the autumn 2023 issue of “Shukan Bunshun WOMAN,” now on sale, he revealed, “I have recently started keeping a cat. He has two cats, a Persian and a British Shorthair, and takes pictures of plants and his cats at home. This prompted some fans to ask, ‘Goro, when did you start having cats?’, ‘ I knew he had a lot of plants, but I didn’t know he had a cat.’

The former members of SMAP continue to be active in the entertainment industry, each with his own unique personality. Perhaps it is because their personal lives are fulfilling that they are able to push forward with their work.

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