Creepy Nuts’ R-Shitei’s Romance with a Childcare Worker and their First Baby | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Creepy Nuts’ R-Shitei’s Romance with a Childcare Worker and their First Baby

Japan's busiest rapper has entered a "sweet freestyle dungeon" named "Tawaman.

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Around 3 p.m. in late October last year, R-Shitei responds to a direct interview with this magazine. His dog, Connie, was yawning loudly as if bored.

R-Shitei (31), who appeared on “Creepy Nuts’ All Night Nippon” late at night on March 6, reported that his wife, TV personality Natsumi Eto (30), is expecting their first child. DJ Matsunaga (32) also congratulated R-Shitei, saying, “Congratulations!” Eto got married last December. In fact, a few months earlier, in October of last year, this magazine “FRIDAY” had reported on their love nest. The following is a recap of that report (ages, titles, etc. remain as they were at the time).

It seems that Japan’s busiest rappers know how to “legally tobi-” in their private lives as well.

One evening in late October, R-Shitei (31), who is on his one-man tour, was enjoying a brief respite at a Starbucks in Tokyo. With his trademark long hair pulled back, he exited the store and began to walk around with a cup in his hand. It was deep autumn and he was missing human skin, and next to him was a slender woman, also holding a Starbucks cup, snuggling up to him.

R-Shitei is a strong man who has conquered various battles. In “Freestyle Dungeon” (TV Asahi), he was the reigning “rasuboss,” appearing only in the final round amidst a gathering of fierce rappers.

In 2013, he formed the HIP HOP unit “Creepy Nuts” with DJ Matsunaga (32). In 2020, he became a popular guest on variety shows with his talk ability that rivaled that of a comedian. In October of the same year, his first TV show, “Ignatz!” (on TV Asahi) began airing in October of the same year. In 2018, he was selected as a personality for “All Night Nippon” (Nippon Broadcasting System).

“R-Shitei had publicly stated on the radio that he had a girlfriend, but in ’18 he revealed that he had broken up with her, saying, “I broke up with her last year.” Since then, he has not openly talked about his girlfriend,” said a source at the radio station.

So, does this mean that she is his first love in four years?

The girl who was on a Starbucks date with R-Shitei was Natsumi Eto, 30, a gravure idol who used to be a childcare worker. They met two summers ago at a drinking party through a mutual friend.

It was love at first sight. They started dating soon after that. This year, they began living together in a townhouse in Tokyo as their love nest.

She is a family-oriented girl, a weapon that she uses to her advantage in her work, and many of her fans are drawn to the gap between her beautiful, agitated body and the rest of her body. She stays at home as much as possible and cooks for him.

We asked him what kind of love battles he is engaged in as he was walking with his dog in the late afternoon at the end of October.

–You are dating Natsumi Eto, right?

“Ah! Yes, yes.”

–I have seen you walking with your dog that you keep together, and I have seen the two of you on a date. What do you like about her?

‘Well, that’s not something I’m going to tell anyone else, only I should know. I mean, where in the world were everyone is watching us!’

–Are the two of you dating with the intention of getting married?

“Well, I guess so.”

The rap king answered casually, he was called the raspberry, and during the interview he was hugging his Yorkshire terrier, Connie, bailed, and left. Behind the scenes of his success, he has a fortunate daily life with his beloved Connie.

From the November 11, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

This is Eto on a walk with Connie, who is devotedly guarding her love nest when R-Shitei is away.
The day after a local concert, the two went to Starbucks together, with R-Shitei holding the shopping bag.
The two cuddle up together while walking. It’s a relaxing time for R-Shitei, who travels around the country every day, to take a break.
Creepy Nuts R-Shitei’s love nest life with a former nursery school teacher gradle, photos that have never been published in this magazine.
Unpublished cuts from the magazine Creepy Nuts R-Shitei “Love nest life with a former childcare worker gradle” ♡♡♡

Please click here to see the “complete version” including unpublished cuts.

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