Viewer Ratings Slump Despite Revival after 4 Years… “27 Hours TV” Disastrous Failure Leads to “Harsh Future” for Fuji Television Network | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Viewer Ratings Slump Despite Revival after 4 Years… “27 Hours TV” Disastrous Failure Leads to “Harsh Future” for Fuji Television Network

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Daigo (left) and Tsuda were chosen as the overall hosts. They took on this major role with great physical effort.

FNS 27-Hour TV,” which was revived after a four-year absence, was broadcast live from July 22 to 23.

The program is one of Fuji Television’s signature special programs that started in 1987, but from 2005 to 2007, it was broadcast as a taped program, and after 2008, the broadcast itself was cancelled due to the new coronavirus. This year, Daigo (43) and Nobu (43) from “Chidori,” Kenji Yamauchi (42) and Ryuichi Hamaya (39) from “Kamaitachi,” and Yusuke (46) and Atsuhiro Tsuda (47) from “Diane” served as overall hosts, and the program was broadcast live for the first time in seven years, with the prestige of the station at stake. However, the results were harsh.

Despite a lineup that included popular programs such as “Akashiya Sanma’s Love Mate 10,” the famous corner featuring Akashiya Sanma (68), as well as a lineup that included many gorgeous performers, the program’s average rating was a dismal 6.5% (according to Video Research, Kanto region).

Although the timing may have had something to do with the fact that the last program in 2007 was broadcast in November for the first time in the program’s history, the average viewer rating was 5.8%, the lowest ever recorded. Although the numbers were up from the previous year, the average rating for the previous year, ’18, was 7.3%, so this is not a very satisfactory result,” said an official from a major advertising agency.

What was the reason for the lack of viewer support? A key station insider whispered, “It was a big deal to revive the show after a four-year absence.

A key station official whispers, “Although the program was grandly touted as a revival after a four-year absence, the content of the program left something to be desired. The program was a patchwork of the famous corners of “24-Hour TV” (NTV) and “All-Star Thanksgiving” (TBS), along with popular Fuji TV programs such as “Nazotore Tonari wa Nazotore” and “Dokkuri GP”. (TBS),” and “All-Star Thanksgiving Festival” (TBS), each of which had a structure that was a patchwork of popular Fuji TV programs such as “Nazotore Tonight” and “Dokkiri GP!

There were also many issues other than the composition of the program. A key station official continued.

It is true that the performers themselves were gorgeous, but compared to the past great general hosts such as Tamori-san (77), Takeshi-san (76), and Sanma-san, it is undeniable that the three groups this time were not as well known as they should have been. President Minato (Koichi Minato, 71) did a good job of pushing the variety aspect of the show to the forefront and appealing to Fuji’s unique character, but the shock of not being able to produce results with that approach must have been quite great.

Despite the station’s concerted efforts, the “27 Hours of TV” ended with harsh results. The impact of this event may cast a dark shadow over Fuji Television’s future operations.

The COVID-19 crisis has caused a sharp decline in advertising revenues, and the special program was forced into action halfway through. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the project was the company’s most important project, and the harsh results may have a significant impact on the future of President Minato and his senior management. We cannot deny the possibility that Fuji Television will face further difficulties during the fall reshuffle and year-end and New Year’s special programs.

The resurgence of Fuji Television’s attempts to strike back has had a bittersweet outcome. What does the future hold for Fuji Television? ……

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