Ai Fukuhara, who “reached a settlement with her ex-husband,” her ex-company boyfriend, a “300 million yen interest-free” patron, and other “men” who support her. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ai Fukuhara, who “reached a settlement with her ex-husband,” her ex-company boyfriend, a “300 million yen interest-free” patron, and other “men” who support her.

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Ai Fukuhara, a former member of Japan’s national table tennis team, announced her reconciliation with her ex-husband. Her “melancholy” make-up was the talk of the town. ……

Ai Fukuhara, the former Japanese national team and Olympic medalist in table tennis who has been sued by her ex-husband Chiang Hung-Chieh for handing over their eldest son, made her first public appearance in many years at a press conference held at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo on March 15 to announce that she and Jiang have settled their dispute over custody.

Last summer, the Tokyo Family Court issued a decision ordering Fukuhara to hand over his eldest son to Jiang, but he refused to comply and stayed in China. Before that, FRIDAY reported that she and a man in his 30s were enjoying a vacation in Singapore.

It was thought that Fukuhara’s image would inevitably be tarnished by the impression that he was a wanted criminal who was traveling from place to place overseas to avoid arrest, but this press conference seems to have dispelled such fears.

What attracted more attention than the content of the press conference was the transformation of her appearance. It was not just a negative story, but her matured atmosphere must have made many people “thrilled”. In Japan, it was a big topic of conversation.

In China, her “home town,” she was not seen on social networking sites mentioning her appearance, but there were many posts about her, and it seems that her popularity in China is as high as ever.

On the day of the press conference, she also reported her reconciliation on Weibo, a social networking service that can be called China’s version of “X,” and received many messages of support. According to a writer living in China,

There were reports that her popularity in China has waned, but I don’t think that’s true. Fukuhara-san is Japanese, but to Chinese people, he is a “Chinese person.

I wonder if this is also called ‘favoritism toward the magistrate. She was beaten up in Taiwan by her ex-husband, Chiang Hung-Chieh, for a series of fights, so more and more people in China are supporting her as a counterbalance to Taiwan.

The shadows of several “men” have been constantly flickering in Fukuhara’s periphery.

According to a report in Shukan Bunshun, after this press conference, Fukuhara went to a wealthy Chinese man who is said to be her sponsor.

The man is a businessman from China who runs a travel agency and a Chinese restaurant. He is still young and a little older than Fukuhara. When she went into hiding, he lent her 300 million yen without interest and seems to have given her his full support.

(A reporter for a women’s magazine) Although the situation seems to indicate that he is a patron, he is probably more of a tanimachi. She has several Chinese businessmen who support her in this way.

It is reported that she is currently living together with a former businessman who reportedly had a double affair in ’21 at Fukuhara’s apartment. Why is she so irresistible?

She has been slammed in weekly magazines, but no reporter from a sports newspaper who has interviewed her has anything bad to say about her. Even after she became an Olympic athlete, her interviewing style did not change.

I think she knows how to make a good impression because she has been doing interviews and dealing with many grown men since she was a little girl. She is really cute and makes you want to protect her.

The “crybaby Ai-chan” has transformed into a “beautiful witch” with a hint of melancholy. It seems that many people in the media feel more strongly about “helping her …….

Now that her problems are solved, there will be no one to blame her anymore. Her pale skin and round face were popular among Chinese people because of her looks, but now that she has lost weight, her face is sharper, and she has a sad expression on her face, she has become a woman who looks like she belongs to the Chinese celebrity class. I think she will be popular again. Some Chinese film industry people are saying they would like to have her act.

Fukuhara’s situation is improving as a result of her reconciliation with her ex-husband. It is likely that we will see her matured “Ai-chan smile” not only in Japan but also in China.

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