Taking her eldest son out…Ai Fukuhara “enjoying a swimsuit vacation at a luxury overseas hotel” [’23 Scoop Shots of the Vortex]. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Taking her eldest son out…Ai Fukuhara “enjoying a swimsuit vacation at a luxury overseas hotel” [’23 Scoop Shots of the Vortex].

2023 Celebrities in the Vortex: Scoop Shots!

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Ai Fukuhara (35)
Enjoying a “swimsuit vacation” at a luxury overseas hotel with her eldest son, who is in the midst of a whirlwind of controversy!

August 18 & 25, 2012 issue

Fukuhara in a bright light blue swimsuit. At the time, there were many sightings of her in Singapore, and there were rumors that she might move abroad.

The photo shows Ai Fukuhara (35) enjoying her vacation in Singapore in June. She was spending a happy moment in a swimming suit with a handsome, long-haired man of the same age as her eldest son at the pool of an ultra-luxury hotel, which costs no less than 150,000 yen per night.

In October, Fukuhara opened an account on the Chinese version of Instagram, “Xiao Feng Xu. It seems that she is preparing to use her name recognition to work as a distributor in Greater China.

On the other hand, there is no solution in sight to the dragging custody dispute between her and her ex-husband, Chiang Hung-Chieh, 34.

Since their divorce in July ’21, the two children have been in joint custody, but since then, trouble has been brewing between Fukuhara and Jiang for unilaterally taking their eldest son away from them.

In late July ’23, the Tokyo Family Court issued a temporary restraining order to hand over the eldest son to Mr. Jiang.

Furthermore, in November, it was reported that Mr. Jiang filed a criminal complaint against Fukuhara and that the Metropolitan Police Department was investigating the matter. Attorney Shuji Suzuki, an expert on custody issues, said, “Japan has a soft spot for child abduction.

If the maliciousness of the crime is recognized, it is not surprising that the police will take action. However, it is difficult to investigate if Mr. Fukuhara is staying in Singapore. Since we have not signed an extradition treaty, diplomatic talks will be required, which will raise the hurdle.”

Will the day come when we can see “Ai-chan’s smile” again?

The next morning, I visited the Marina Bay Sands, a hotel frequented by celebrities from abroad. The next morning, she enjoyed the pool with her eldest son and others.
Fukuhara when she had long hair (PHOTO: Kyodo News)
Once appearing at an event with her family (PHOTO: Kyodo News)
Ai Fukuhara enjoying herself in the pool.
She also had an opportunity to show off her table tennis skills (PHOTO: Kyodo News)
The two at their wedding press conference (PHOTO: Sono Aida)

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