Ai Fukuhara, “Completely Taboo in the Ping-Pong World”: The Weekly “Ugly Herald” Battle with Her Ex-Husband Has Begun After All | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ai Fukuhara, “Completely Taboo in the Ping-Pong World”: The Weekly “Ugly Herald” Battle with Her Ex-Husband Has Begun After All

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Ai Fukuhara’s ex-husband, Jiang, has held a press conference, and a swampy “war of revelations” has emerged.

The battle between former Japanese national table tennis player Ai Fukuhara and her ex-husband Chiang Hung-Chieh over their eldest son has, as expected, taken on the appearance of an “air battle.

On July 27, Jiang held a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, claiming that Fukuhara has wrongfully taken their eldest son since last summer. He revealed that the Tokyo Family Court had issued an order last month to hand over his eldest son.

At the press conference, attorney Aiko Ohbuchi, who represents Jiang, said

The court ordered that he be handed over to them immediately. Nevertheless, he has not responded in any way. What will happen if he continues to refuse to hand over the property to the authorities? We believe that this can no longer be justified. If you don’t hand me over voluntarily, I will have to think about what to do next.

He stated,

“As an option, I think we can charge them with kidnapping of a minor.”

He condemned in harsh terms.

Fukuhara, on the other hand, did not remain silent, and on January 1 his agent issued a lengthy statement condemning Jiang’s press conference, calling it a “serious violation of human rights. The statement went on to say

There is absolutely no factual situation that would warrant criminal punishment.

It appears to be an attempt to socially bury Mr. Fukuhara.

The conflict has become a quagmire.

The two parties wanted to keep things quiet for the sake of their two children, but the relationship between the two has become so complicated that they can no longer say that. According to a TV insider, “It’s a complete mud-slinging match.

“It’s a complete mud-slinging match. It all depends on which side gets public opinion on its side. So far, Mr. Jiang has succeeded in taking the situation by surprise, but we don’t know what will happen next, depending on the ugly stories that will come out.

The “Josei Seven” magazine, which went on sale on March 3, immediately carried a negative report on Mr. Jiang.

When Fukuhara visited Taiwan last summer and met with her child, Jiang allegedly yelled at Fukuhara, “You’re kidnapping me! Jiang shouted at Fukuhara and demanded, “You’re kidnapping me! Fukuhara weeping and Jiang’s parents filming the scene. ……

The police were even dispatched to the bizarre scene.

What is interesting is that “Josei Seven,” which reported the allegations of infidelity that led to Fukuhara’s downfall, has come to Fukuhara’s defense this time. Yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend. On the other hand, “Shukan Bunshun,” which was more on Ms. Fukuhara’s side at the time of the affair, published a harsh article on her this time.

As you can see, there is an “air battle” going on behind the scenes, with both sides leaking negative reports through related parties.

It is said that Fukuhara is backed by a bigwig in the entertainment industry who has tremendous power over TV and newspapers. At the time of the affair last year, as soon as that person became his “guardian,” the number of reports on Fukuhara, especially in the wide-web media, suddenly decreased. This time, however

Mr. Jiang is holding a press conference with his face on display, and I think it will be difficult to stop him,” said an entertainment industry insider.

(A source close to the entertainment industry).

Still, Fukuhara, who was once known as “Crying Baby Ai-chan”, had never expected to lead such a different life. …… The ping-pong world is also said to be in a state of bewilderment.

Fukuhara is a legend among legends in the world of table tennis. He is a legend among legends in the world of table tennis, and no matter what his private life is like, he is admired by the current players and he is always willing to help Japan become stronger.

They were surprised at the last affair, but this time they will be even more so. Naturally, reporters are not allowed to ask Fukuhara any questions related to her, and are even hesitant to ask her personally.

This December, “WTT Women’s Finals 2023,” the final round of the WTT (World Table Tennis) series, the pinnacle table tennis tournament, will be held in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Fukuhara is the GM of this WTT in Japan. I hope the fuss has been resolved by then. ……

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