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Nakajima Kento’s “Yamashita Tomohisa Style” and His Hollywood Challenge

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Kentee” has been attracting a great deal of attention since the beginning of this year. As he was a popular member, his future activities are also attracting a great deal of attention.

On January 17, “Josei Seven” reported the relationship between “Sexy Zone” member Kento Nakajima (29) and former “E-girls” member Melina Washio (30). Fans screamed at the first romance of the “princes. Nakajima’s announcement came as a shock about a week before the romance was reported.

Nakajima-san will graduate from Sekzo on March 31 and go solo. The group will change its name on April 1, and Fuma Kikuchi (28), Katsutoshi Sato (27), and Satoshi Matsushima (26) will continue their activities. I think many fans were shocked to see Nakajima leave the group less than two years after the four of them restarted their activities together. (Entertainment reporter for a sports newspaper)

Nakajima has been very popular in the group since his debut in 2011. The reason for his graduation was reportedly because he decided to move on to a new career path at the age of 30. A source at a TV station said that the “difference in temperature” among the group members may have been behind the decision.

Nakajima has always taken pride in being an idol and was particular about his performance on stage. In the past few years, he has often demanded a high level of choreography for his live performances, and sometimes the other members could not keep up with him. However, I took the time to discuss this with each member before reaching this decision, so I don’t think there are any rifts between the three of us.

Nakajima has also appeared in the ’21 drama “She Was Beautiful” (Fuji TV) and last year’s drama “Sikkou! ~The Dog, Me and the Marshal~ (TV Asahi) and other high-profile productions. He also starred in the current drama “Living Matsunaga-san” (Fuji TV), and his acting career is going well. After graduating from the group, it appears that he will broaden his activities as an actor.

A source at the aforementioned TV station reveals, “Recently, Mr. Nakajima has been eager to work abroad as an actor.

Recently, Mr. Nakajima was very eager to work abroad as an actor. He has been spending his free time studying English. This year, he will appear in “Concordia,” a drama that will be distributed simultaneously worldwide, so I think he will eventually try his hand at Hollywood movies and dramas, using this film as his calling card.

Last December, Johnny’s established a new company, STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, to manage its talent. The company is scheduled to begin operations this spring. It is believed that Nakajima will sign a contract with the new company, although he has left the group. Depending on the form of that contract, Nakajima’s post-withdrawal career path will become clear.

At STARTO, talent can choose between a traditional management contract and an agent contract, and Nakajima will most likely choose the latter. The agent system allows more work to be decided at the talent’s discretion, so he will be able to do more of what he wants to do. It is possible that he will work with STARTO for domestic work and sign an agent contract with a local office when needed when working overseas.

In the past, some of his predecessors have tried this “two-faced” style.

In 1919, there was a time when Tomohisa Yamashita (38), while belonging to the former Johnny’s, signed an agent contract with Westbrook Entertainment, a company headed by Will Smith (55). At that time, it was not so familiar, but with STARTO, more and more talents will work in such a style,” said a source in the entertainment industry.

Will Nakajima be able to create a “Sexy Era” after leaving the group with which he has shared more than 10 years of hardship?

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