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The surprising reason why “Misuteri to iunakare” by Masaki Suda was a big hit

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Suda enters a studio in Tokyo with his permed hair swinging.

Masaki Suda ( 28) After two episodes, the average viewership rating was13.After two broadcasts, the average viewer rating is 2.6%. After two broadcasts, the average viewer rating is 2.6%. The average viewer rating after two episodes was 2%. DCU (TBS) TBS The story is about a college student, Tadashi Kuno (Masaki Suda), who gets involved in various incidents.

The story is about a college student, Tadashi Kunou (Masaki Suda), who gets caught up in various incidents, and each time he speaks out his logical analysis and opinions without hesitation. There are many comments on the Internet praising Suda’s performance as he talks and draws the viewers in without getting bogged down at all.

Speaking of Suda, he recently appeared in the drama “Contrast Begins” ( 21 He also starred in the recent drama “Contrary begins” (2009, NTV), a similar conversation drama. However, the results were disastrous. Not only did the viewer ratings never reach double digits, but at one point they dropped to the 6% level. Although it recovered a little towards the end, the average viewer rating was7.58 In the end, the average rating was 58%, which was quite disappointing for a young popular actor.

This time, “Misuteri to iunakare” is very similar in the way he talks a lot and the atmosphere of the drama is like a stage show. So, why was “Contrivance Begins” a huge flop and “Mystery to Say Nothing” a success? I was curious about this, so I interviewed people in the entertainment industry, and found two major reasons.

(1) Works that only those who understand them can understand, and (2) Works that everyone can understand.

Contrast begins” was a drama about three young people who form a comedy trio and decide to break up. From that point on, the twists and turns of the three members and their anxiety about their future lives are portrayed in an unhurried conversational drama. However, there is no great excitement, so you need to be able to relate to the worldview to enjoy it. It was well-received by those who could understand it, but other people turned away from it, saying, “We’re not doing much, but we’re worrying too much” and “The contrast between the three of us is too boring.

On the other hand, “Don’t Call It Mystery” is a conversation drama, but it is based on a mystery. On the other hand, “Mystery to say nothing” is a conversation drama, but it is based on a mystery, so you can simply enjoy thinking about the culprit, and the culprit is so unexpected that it surprises the viewers. In addition, all of the theories that the orderly talks about are piercing to the heart and are drawing sympathy from viewers who say, “It made me realize” or “Exactly. I think it’s a complete difference in the interest of the story.

Another reason for the popularity of the show was the fact that elements that at first glance seemed to work against it actually worked in its favor.

The other reason for the popularity of the show was that an element that seemed to work against it actually worked in its favor.

The cast of “The Contrast Begins” was just gorgeous. The co-stars were Ryunosuke Kamiki ( 28 (28) and Taiga Nakano (28). (28). The co-stars were Ryunosuke Kamiki (28) and Taiga Nakano (28), two of the most talented young actors of the moment, so everyone was excited even before the show started, saying, “I’m looking forward to it too much. However, when the show started, the story was too maniacal for them to follow. The expectations were too high, and the disappointment must have been too much. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a complete bust.

On the other hand, when the production of “Don’t Call It Mystery” was announced, the sense of anxiety was overwhelmingly high. Mystery” is a drama based on a popular manga, but fans of the original work complained that the images of the main characters, Suda and Tadashi Kunoh, were different. In the original story, Tadashi Kunou is more vague and sharp, but has a soft atmosphere. But with Suda, he seems to be smarter and has a harsher personality. For this reason, people on the Internet are saying, “Gota Watabe ( 35 (35) and Kentaro Sakaguchi (30). 30 (35) and Kentaro Sakaguchi (30) would have been better.

However, once the show started, Suda’s acting ability was as good as it gets, and people who didn’t know the original story were hooked, saying that he was good and funny. In fact, the structure of the film was so well done that fans of the original work gradually came to admit that it was interesting and that they could enjoy it as something else. I guess you could say that the negative publicity it received was a blessing in disguise.

Now, “Misuteri to iunakare” is getting a lot of attention on the Internet for its consideration of the culprit. Now that the internet is abuzz with speculation about the culprit in “Mystery,” Kunoji may become Suda’s new favorite role after overcoming the bitter results of “The Contrivance Begins.

  • Interview and text by Nanako

    Born in Ehime Prefecture. After working at a broadcasting station, became a freelance writer. Specializes in interviews with celebrities and analysis of popular events, and is always on the lookout for serial dramas and hot Japanese movies. She is a famous beautiful writer in the magazine industry.

  • Cinematography Ippei Hara

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