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Dream Is To Go Global! “Smewthie” Talks About His Love for Tokyo Miu Miu

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“Smewthie”, the cast unit of the TV anime “Tokyo Miu Miu ♡♡”, will release a CD on August 17 with the OP/ED theme song “Cat! and SuperGirls/Tokimeki☆Ichigo Ichie” CD will be released on August 17.

Smewthie” is a cast unit born from the TV anime “Tokyo Miu Miu ♡♡” that is currently airing.

The unit was formed by the five main cast members, and in addition to performing the anime’s OP & ED songs, they have been challenging various projects on YouTube, and on August 7, they will perform at the world’s largest idol festival, “TOKYO They are also planning to participate in the world’s largest idol festival “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL (TIF)” on August 7.

This time, FRIDAY Digital decided to conduct a special interview with the members of Smewthie! We asked them about their thoughts on their characters and their future goals.

Key visual of the TV anime “Tokyo Miu Miu ♡♡” (Tokyo Miu Miu ♡♡)

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew” (original story by Reiko Yoshida, manga by Mia Seikai): A work that was serialized in the girls’ manga magazine “Nakayoshi” from 2000 to 2003. The anime “Tokyo Miu Miu Nyu♡” currently airing is a completely new work based on the manga, with a renewed story and other elements.

Free of charge! Read the first episode of the manga “Tokyo Miu Miu” now☆☆.

Q1: How did you feel when you were cast in “Tokyo Miu Miu Niu~♡”?

Yuuki Tenma (Ichigo Momomiya) I watched the TV anime when I was a child, and the characters, story, concept, etc. were all very impressive and I had a deep attachment to the work.

I was chosen through an open audition, so I thought, “I may not have the skills, but my love for “Tokyo Mew Mew Mew” will never let anyone beat me! I was determined to be a part of the show and I wanted to be a part of it. So I was really, really happy to be able to be a part of it.

Tokyo Mew Mew Mew” gave me a lot of excitement and courage, and now I want to bring power to someone else! I want to give power to someone else!

Yuuki Tenma: Yuuki Tenma, a member of Swallow, was born on December 7, 1997. She is a newcomer who was selected from over 3,000 applicants who auditioned from the general public.

Mirai Hinata (as Minto Aizawa) I had a complex about my voice, and I never dreamed that I would be given the chance to work as a voice actor.

I have been fascinated by the image of girls fighting since I was a child, so when I read the original manga “Tokyo Mew Mew Mew,” I secretly thought, “I want to be cast as Minto! I was very happy to be chosen for the role, and I was very happy to have the opportunity to play the role.

I was extremely happy, but I was also filled with various emotions, including the pressure of taking on such a big role in such a big work!

Mirai Hinata: A member of Adesso, born on September 13, 2002. She has appeared on the stage in “Yu Yu Hakusho” and in the musical “Sailor Moon”, etc. From April 2022, she will be a brunch reporter for “King’s Brunch” on TBS.

Ryoko Juni (as Rhetasu Hekigawa) I was happy when I got the job, of course, but I was also anxious because of the pressure of being in such a well-loved work.

I have been living with Rhetasu for many years, but now I am filled with joy and happiness to be able to live with her!

Ryoko Juni: Belonging to Stardust Promotion, she was born on July 29, 1999. She is a new voice actress belonging to the Voice Actor Department. Appeared in the app games “Monster Strike” and “World Flipper”, etc.

Rian Toda (as Ayuzu Huang / Fong Ping) I couldn’t speak too loudly because I heard about the acceptance or rejection at the office, but I was honestly so happy that I cried. I was shouting “Yay! (laugh).

It was really like a dream, and I didn’t feel it right away, but I felt like I was going to do my best as a member of Miu Miu from now on.

Rian Toda: A member of Platinum Production, born on May 7, 2005. She is an exclusive model for TEENS magazine and is active as a member of the idol group Shibu3project.

Momoka Ishii (Playing the role of Zakuro Fujiwara) I remember I jumped up and down and shouted “Yay! I remember I was so happy that I jumped up and down and shouted “I did it!

There was a pause between when I auditioned and when I received the notification of acceptance or rejection. I thought, “I must have failed. ……,” but I was not ready to give up, so I checked with my manager several times to see if he had contacted me.

I have really loved anime since I was a little girl, so I am really proud to be able to play such a wonderful character.

Momoka Ishii: A member of Box Corporation, born on December 19, 2002. She has appeared in many films since she was a child actress. TV Asahi’s “My Girl,” Nippon Television’s “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time,” NHK’s “The Guardian of the Spirits,” etc.

Q2: What is the appeal of the character you play and how is it similar to yourself?

Tenma I remember I jumped up and down and shouted, “I did it!

I find it interesting that her emotions change so rapidly (laugh), but she puts her all into everything she does, whether it be in love, friendship, or as an ally of justice who protects the earth.

I am moved by this attitude, and I want to cheer them on. I want to support her. I think that’s what makes Ichigo-chan so appealing!

Hinata She is a high spirited and a little harsh tsundere young lady. In fact, she is full of love and works harder than others.

In the anime, her sensitive side is also depicted. She struggles with familiar problems and is inspired by her friends, and she grows up throughout the story.

I don’t think I have as much love or as much potential as Minto, but I can really relate to her ambition and her constant striving to be better!

xii. :: Letsusu-chan is usually a shy and clumsy girl, but in battle, she fights to protect everyone from her core strength, and that coolness is what I like about her and what I love about her.

It’s hard to pinpoint the similarities between myself and you, but I do see similarities in the screwed up part and the poofy haircut!

Toda She also does housework and takes care of her younger siblings, so she is actually a very strong person! Moreover, she never makes a whimper in front of everyone. She is very strong and patient, and I think she is a very attractive girl.

I am also small in stature, good at sports and the eldest daughter, so I think there are quite a few similarities with Ayuzu!

Ishii. She is a super high-spec beautiful girl who is a bundle of charm, and everyone admires her, but she also has a mischievous side, which I think is a lovable point, including the gap between her and the others.

The only similarity between myself and Ayuzu is that I have long hair and puffy bangs. ……(laugh) I would like to keep trying my best to be a woman like my sister!

Q3. What is your dream or goal that you want to achieve as Smewthie?

Tenma Smewthie: Smewthie is the cast unit of “Tokyo Mew Mew Mew ♡”, and we hope to bring this work to even more people.

Since “Tokyo Mew Mew Mew” is popular in Japan and abroad, and among all generations, I would like to be involved in worldwide activities! To achieve this, I will keep working hard so that our performance can reach people’s hearts even if they can’t understand our words!!!

Hinata We want to be a presence that will stay in everyone’s hearts. I want to be there for you when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are in pain, and of course, when you are having fun!

And to be loved by men and women, young and old, and to tour the whole country is my dream……, or rather my goal to make it come true! My personal goal is to give you goosebumps with my performance!

xii I would like to deliver my performance in various ways so that many people beyond Japan will know about “Tokyo Mew Mew Mew”!

All the members will do our best to make you love both Smewthie and “Tokyo Mew Mew Mew ♡♡” as a whole!

Toda My goal for Smewthie is to become the best cast unit in Japan!
And I want to do a national tour!

It’s a very big goal, but I believe that the five of us can achieve it! We are working hard every day to let many people know about Smewthie!

Ishii Our common goal is to go global! There are many Tokyo Mew Mew Mew fans overseas, so we want more and more people to love this work.

As for my own goal, I am working hard to improve my singing ability since my sister Zakuro is working as an artist this time!

Anime “Tokyo Miu Miu: Nyu♡” (Tokyo Miu Miu: Nyu♡)
[TV Tokyo Series] Every Tuesday from 24:00
[BS TV TOKYO] Every Wednesday from 24:30
[AT-X] Every Tuesday from 20:00 *Repeats every Thursday from 8:00 / every Monday from 14:00

Tokyo Miu Miu Nyu♡” official website

The cover of the new edition of “Tokyo Miu Miu” is a new illustration by Mia Seikai.

Commemorating the completely new TV anime version of “Tokyo MuuMuu Nyu♡”!
New edition of “Tokyo Mew Mew Mew” 10 volumes now on sale, click here to buy!

Manga "Tokyo Mew Mew Mew" New Edition Episode 1 (51 pages) is now available for free! ↓↓↓

  • Images ©Mia Seikai, Reiko Yoshida, Kodansha / "Tokyo MuuMuu Nyu" Production Committee

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