Jun Shison, “the complete opposite of feminine looks,” kisses Ryunosuke Kamiki in the morning drama “Ranman. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Jun Shison, “the complete opposite of feminine looks,” kisses Ryunosuke Kamiki in the morning drama “Ranman.

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Jun Shison plays the role of the best friend of the main character, Ryunosuke Kamiki, in the NHK morning drama. The two are also good friends in their personal lives. ……

The 62nd episode of NHK’s TV series “Ranman,” starring Ryunosuke Kamiki, was aired on June 27, and a number of viewers “died of hunger” at the kiss scene between Takeo (played by Jun Shison) and Aya (Yui Sakuma). Jun Shison’s “Han-ki” has also been attracting a lot of attention.

This morning drama is modeled on Makino Tomitaro, the “father of Japanese botany,” and depicts the tumultuous life of a botanist who devoted himself to his beloved flowers and plants in the midst of turbulent times.

Mantaro (Kamiki) and Takeo return to their hometown in Kochi Prefecture, accompanied by Jueko (Minami Hamabe). In episode 59, Takeo tells Mantaro’s sister Aya, who is alone in worrying about the future of the long-established sake brewery Mineya.

I’m just a man who likes you. I won’t leave you alone.

Takeo again confesses his feelings. Aya then said

I just called Takeo Inoue …….”

This was called a confession scene that will go down in “morning drama history” by some,

Aya: “That’s not true, he’s just a drunk.

Takeo: “That’s right. Takeo: “That’s right. She’s a drunkard’s goddess. I want to be desired by such a goddess.

Aya “Takeo, you’re a pain in the ass.

Aya puts her hand on top of Takeo’s and they kiss each other on the mouth. The long shot of the two kissing each other over the guardian dogs was a wonderful scene of their love for each other.

In the previous morning drama “Half, Blue,” which she appeared in in 2006, she played the role of Meiku Nagano. In the same year, she starred in the drama “Jyoshiteki Seikatsu” (NHK), in which she played the role of a transgender woman who looks like a beautiful woman, and won the Bunka-cho Arts Festival Award for Best Individual Performance in the Television Drama category. When it comes to playing feminine roles, there is no one better than her among young actors,” said a producer from a production company.

However, despite his outward appearance, the real Shizon has a strong neutral image.

He has a strong neutral image, but inside he is a very masculine person” (Ryoma Takeuchi).

He’s very frank and has no feminine side at all” (Kamiki)

He is a manly man on the inside” (Ryoma Takeuchi) “He’s a dashing guy with no feminine qualities” (Kamiki).

Shion, who aspired to be a professional baseball player, was a catcher in junior high school and played the fourth position. He was a slugger who played catcher in junior high school and hit fourth in the lineup, and spent every day immersed in baseball. Incidentally, he was chubby at the time, weighing nearly 70 kg.

He ran away from home at the age of 17 to become an actor on his own, and for a year he did not contact his family, cutting off all communication with them to make his way as an actor. She has a stoic soul as an actor, which is hard to imagine from her feminine appearance.

On June 16, she appeared on the live program “Asa Ichi” (NHK) Premium Talk. He confessed that he was “very worried” about appearing in this morning drama.

When the offer for “Ranman” came, Shikon already had other work lined up. Since appearing together in the movie “Fortuna’s Eyes” in 1919, Shizuka and Kamiki have remained close in their private lives.

He felt that he was putting his “life as an actor” on the line for this morning drama, and after much deliberation, it was revealed that he adjusted his busy schedule for the filming because he thought, “I wish I could support Takashi’s (Kamiki) life as an actor. (Wide-show insider)

The scene that overflows with Shikon’s thoughts is from episode 64, which aired on June 29. Takeo, who has made up his mind to marry Aya, bids farewell to Mantaro in a famous scene.

The scene where the two embrace and shed tears was flooded with tearful comments on the Internet. Shizon’s “Han spirit” in taking on this film, adjusting his schedule in order to support Kamiki. Kamiki’s gratitude overflows. The two actors’ feelings for each other transcended their roles. There is no doubt that this will go down as one of the most famous scenes in morning dramas.

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