Keita Machida’s “taking off his clothes” has caused controversy among his family members… “service shot” in the drama is unnecessary. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Keita Machida’s “taking off his clothes” has caused controversy among his family members… “service shot” in the drama is unnecessary.

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In the drama “Teppachi! Keita Machida shows off his physical beauty without hesitation in the drama “Teppachi!

But is there any need for a “service shot” of the handsome actor?

A debate is raging over the direction of Fuji Television’s Wednesday drama “Teppachi! is the subject of a debate over the direction of Fuji Television’s Wednesday drama “Teppachi!

The drama is a passionate coming-of-age drama set in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. The lead actor is Keita Machida, whose popularity is soaring, and his colleagues are played by a lineup of handsome actors such as Yuto Sano and Kanta Sato of Gekidan EXILE.

The Self-Defense Forces is known for its strict discipline and grueling training. Naturally, the members’ bodies are toned and “sharp. Many fans look forward to seeing their bodies in all their glory.

The production team must have sensed such needs. The first episode of the drama, broadcast on July 6, featured a shower scene with the cast members. Droplets of water gushed from the bodies of the handsome men. The scene became a “signature” of the drama.

However, the drama’s “famous” scene was called into question.

In the “Weekly Fuji Television Critique” broadcast on July 16, a committee member commented at the July program council meeting

If you think that fans will be pleased if you show the naked upper body of a star actor at the peak of his popularity, you must be very old-fashioned.

This is because of the shower scene that was shown in the first episode. This was supposedly referring to the shower scene shown in the first episode.

In response, the person in charge said

“There have been some questions from the field as to whether it is necessary as a depiction of the scene.

In response to this, the person in charge of the project stated

We will listen to the opinions of the viewers and the production site, and make detailed adjustments to the scene.

I will listen to the viewers and the frontlines while making detailed adjustments. This was an unexpected rejection from the station itself.

On the other hand, on social networking sites, people were saying

I don’t care.
“I don’t mind it,” and “It’s a Self-Defense Forces movie.

On the other hand, there are many people on social networking sites who approve of the direction, saying, “I don’t mind.

This must be a trend of the times. Nowadays, explicit scenes such as Yumi Kaoru’s bathing scene in “Mito Komon” are completely NG. I’m afraid that they will say, ‘You can see her pores, so don’t do close-ups of the heroine’s face.

(TV station insider) Nevertheless, it is a fact that “revealing scenes” have long been a catalyst for productions, regardless of gender.

Even in NHK’s popular historical dramas, such as Yoshizawa Ryo in “Seiten wo Suke” (2009) and Hasegawa Hiroki in “Kirin ga Kuru” (2008), scenes in which the actors bathe in loincloths were inserted. In the world of film, too, the scene of Ryo Yoshizawa in “11/11” was inserted.

In the world of film, Haruka Ayase, the lead actress in “PRINCESS PRINCESS TOYOTOMI” released in 2011, ran as fast as she could through the streets wearing a tight-fitting Y-shirt. Her bosom, which swung wildly, spread by word of mouth, and the film became a huge hit. According to a person involved in the film industry

“After the media picked up on Ms. Ayase’s ‘big swing scene,’ the number of moviegoers increased dramatically. Most of them came for Ms. Ayase.

The majority of the audience came for Ms. Ayase.

Returning to “Teppachi! on the 20th, after the Fuji review program had given the show a bad review, a stable shower room scene was also shown. In addition, a body-building pose and a “close-up” of her back muscles were shown….

The director of the drama said, “Service shots of good-looking men are indispensable in the making of this drama. It is not good to take off one’s clothes without any context or to force the drama to go in that direction, but I am aware that it is OK for them to be naked in a natural way in the flow of the story. I think NHK is the same way.

Compliance is becoming stricter and stricter every year. The battle continues for those on the production side who aim for the very edge.

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