Minami Hamabe, Yuna Kuroshima, Fumi Nikaido, Kana Kurashina… “Hot Love and Beautiful Faces” of NHK’s “Morning Drama” heroines of the past | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Minami Hamabe, Yuna Kuroshima, Fumi Nikaido, Kana Kurashina… “Hot Love and Beautiful Faces” of NHK’s “Morning Drama” heroines of the past

Commemorating the start of the latest "Ranman", rare shots of popular actresses who have never been seen on TV!

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NHK’s TV series “Ranman,” based on the botanist Tomitaro Makino, started on April 3. The role of the wife of the main character, played by Ryunosuke Kamiki (29), was chosen by the young and talented actress Minami Hamabe (22). Columnist Takahiko Kageyama, who is well versed in TV dramas, explains the casting.

Ranman] First half of 2011
Minami Hamabe (22)

Hopes for a further leap forward with her appearance in morning dramas

She entered the entertainment industry at the age of 11. In 2005, her good performance in the movie “Kimi no Pancreas wo Tabetai (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas)” attracted a lot of attention.” In 19, won the 30th Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Award in the teenage category.

Ms. Hamabe is the perfect actress for a traditional, orthodox morning drama heroine. She has a strong image of being clean, naive, and hardworking, which will be popular with middle-aged and older viewers. The choice of Ms. Hamabe as the hero’s wife gives us a glimpse of NHK’s desire to create a sure-fire hit rather than an adventure.

One of the most notable morning drama heroines in recent years is Eri Fukatsu (50), who played the heroine in “Come Come Everybody” (the second half of the fiscal year 2009) at the age of 49, the oldest in history.

Fukatsu was the only one who was cast not by audition but by direct offer. She did not betray that trust, and performed her role beautifully in a wide range of roles, from 18 years old to in her 70s. Ms. Fukatsu, as well as Sairi Ito, 28, the heroine of the recently announced “Tora ni Tsubasa” (first half of the fiscal year 2012), are not originally the flamboyant type, but as they polish their performances, their appeal is increasing rapidly,” said Mr. Kageyama.

This magazine has witnessed the private lives of many of the heroines of morning dramas.

Here are some of the “springtime” love affairs and beautiful personalities that have captured the hearts of viewers.

Scarlett] Late ’19
Erika Toda (34)

A talented actress who has taken on a number of difficult roles

In 2005, Toda and Narita Ryo (29) were involved in an accident when their car collided with a car belonging to a reporter for this magazine while he was on a business trip. Narita is upset after the accident, and Toda is responding to the police officer.

Chimu Doton] ’22 1st Semester

In ’20, she discovered her love affair with Kengo Kora (35). They lived in an apartment about an 8-minute walk apart. On this day, they enjoyed their day off, walking their dog in the morning and shopping at a nearby shopping street

Tora ni Tsubasa] ’24 1st semester
Sairi Ito (28)

In April 2010, she was discovered to be in love with Ryuta Horai (47), a screenwriter. When directly interviewed by a reporter for this magazine, she laughed and said, “It’s like this, isn’t it? Hourai looked at Ito with concern as he carefully chose his words and answered politely.

Come Come Everybody] Latter half of ’21
Eri Fukatsu (50)

Her first starring role in a drama series in 16 years was in a morning drama.

In ’06, she was seen on a date with Haruhisa Shirayama, a charismatic stylist who also works for magazines and movies. There was a scene where Fukatsu put her hand on his back under an umbrella. They were dining at a yakitori restaurant that day.

Yale] FY’20 1st Semester
Fumi Nikaido (28)

A great lover of animals, including adopting a shelter dog

In ’17, amidst rumors of multiple actors, she was caught walking her dog with former “Men’s Non-No” model and filmmaker Yonekura Kota (28) on a friendly walk. After the walk, Nikaido went straight to work, while Yonekura took the dog into her home

The first half of the ’16 fiscal year
Mitsuki Takahata (31)

In January ’16, she went on a date with singer/songwriter Masaru Takahashi (39), whom she was dating at the time, at a difficult-to-reserve yakitori restaurant in Dogenzaka, Shibuya. The smile she showed in front of him with squinted eyes was quite cute.

Hanako to Anne] First half of ’14
Yuriko Yoshitaka (34)

In ’21, she brilliantly played an innocent high school girl in the drama “Saiai” (TBS). The photo shows her eating a location bento while dressed as a high school girl during a break in filming. Her acting ability to adapt to various roles is highly acclaimed.

The first half of the year 2006 FY18 1st semester
Mei Nagano (23)

She was seen in Shibuya at the end of the filming of “Half, Aoi. She was enjoying a delicious meal at a yakitori restaurant in a residential area near Shibuya, perhaps at the end of filming for “Half, Aoi”. The waiter called out to her, “I’m rooting for you! and she responded with a smile.

Well Kame] Latter half of ’09
Kana Kurashina (35)

After gaining popularity as a gravure idol, Kurashina switched to acting. Last spring, this magazine witnessed Kurashina heading to a high-class gym frequented by celebrities. Her outstandingly beautiful body is the result of her daily efforts.

From the April 21 and 28, 2023 issues of “FRIDAY

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