Masaki Okada and Yui Suzuki, Mugi Kadowaki… 21 years of “refreshing hot love scoops | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masaki Okada and Yui Suzuki, Mugi Kadowaki… 21 years of “refreshing hot love scoops

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In the midst of all the gloomy news, it’s the hot love news of the big names that always brightens up Japan, and Friday brings you the “love moments of those refreshingly popular people” that we witnessed in 2009!

Masaki Okada (32) ♡ Fuji’s Yui Suzuki

Okada drove his beloved car to pick up Anna Suzuki. After picking her up, they headed straight to Okada’s apartment.

Actor Masaki Okada (32) has rarely been photographed with a woman before. The woman Okada was repeatedly dating with impunity was Fuji TV’s Anna Suzuki (28).

The two met through an acquaintance last summer, and their dating pattern was to go on nesting dates at Okada’s apartment. Of course, she would never leave him alone. Okada would drive her home in his luxury car, and Suzuki would gaze at Okada as he drove.

Suzuki is known at the station as a beloved character with no sarcasm, although she is highly regarded for her fearlessness in any kind of interview. Even after the news of her love affair, her popularity has increased due to her steady and refreshing relationship.

(Fuji TV insider) When I interviewed Anna Suzuki, who was at work early in the morning, she told the FRIDAY reporter, “It’s hard work early in the morning. Popular actors are announcing their marriages one after another these days, and we may hear good news again in 2022.

On this day, Okada picked up Anna Suzuki and went to Okada’s apartment. She bought some alcohol at a liquor store on the way and headed for her room.

Hinako Shibuno (23) ♡Teretto Anna Nozawa Kasuga (31)

Shibuno shows up at a luxury hotel in Tokyo. Ten minutes later, Anna Nozawa also arrived. They had a series of secret hotel meetings with a time lag.

“What? Why me?

I’m not sure what to make of this. She returned to Japan after finishing fourth in the U.S. Women’s Open in December 2008. After the quarantine period, the first place she went was to the apartment of TV Tokyo announcer Haruhi Nozawa, 31.

However, their relationship was reported to have broken up by some weekly magazines just the other day. Is she now prioritizing golf over romance? ……

It is said that Anna Nozawa met Shibuno through a sports talk show in January 2008.

Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (47) ♡ Miku Natsume (37)

Hiroyuki Ariyoshi and Miku Natsume look in perfect harmony while walking their dog.

It’s been a month and a half since their surprise April Fool’s Day wedding. It was mid-May when I ran into Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (47) and Miku Natsume (37). They were taking a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood with their dog. Ariyoshi pulled the leash and Natsume poured water on the dog’s pee, and they were in perfect harmony. Natsume was featured in “Matsuko & Ariyoshi: Anger New Party: Dissolution! Natsume retired from the entertainment industry after appearing with Ariyoshi in the “Matsuko & Ariyoshi 2-hour Special” broadcast on September 30, but people are already clamoring for Natsume to return, saying, “I want to see them interact with each other again.

Hanako, Dai Okabe (32), handsome elite office worker

A direct hit on Hanako Okabe and her husband, who have just submitted their marriage registration to the ward office.

On March 22, Dai Okabe (32) of the comedy trio “Hanako” and his girlfriend Ciko, together with Okabe’s manager, submitted their marriage registration at a ward office in Tokyo. C is Okabe’s junior at Waseda University and an elite office worker at a famous company with whom he had been in a relationship for 10 years. When interviewed directly afterwards, Okabe said, “What? Huh? Okabe was puzzled, but said, “I’m happy! I will continue to devote myself to comedy,” she said, flashing her best smile for the camera.

Mugi Kadowaki (29) ♡ Daichi Kaneko (25)

Waiting for the train, Kaneko Daichi said of Kadowaki Mugi in a March interview on the website that she was “crisp and very easy to talk to.

At the end of May, when the weather was still chilly, Mugi Kadowaki (29), who played the heroine in NHK’s historical drama “Kirin ga Kururu,” and handsome actor Kaneko Daichi (25) were walking shoulder to shoulder on the Shinkansen platform at Shinagawa Station. Although they were just starting to get to know each other, they were already very close, as Kadowaki visited her boyfriend’s house after buying groceries at the supermarket on another day and stayed over until morning. We hope that the two promising young actors will use their private lives as a springboard to expand their acting horizons.

From the January 7-14, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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