24 Hour TV” broadcast date is set…but questions are being raised about the “passive-aggressive” response to the “donation hoarding” issue. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

24 Hour TV” broadcast date is set…but questions are being raised about the “passive-aggressive” response to the “donation hoarding” issue.

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Signature Special Programs Are at a Major Crossroads

At the end of May, the details of “24-Hour TV,” one of NTV’s signature special programs, were announced.

The broadcast period was set for August 31-September 1, but what drew attention was that no announcement was made regarding the main personalities. Usually, the broadcasting schedule and personalities are announced by mid-April, but more than a month later, they still had not been announced.

Many talents from the former Johnny’s office (now STARTO ENTERTAINMENT) have been used for the “24-Hour TV” program until now. Last year, when the issue of the sexual assault of the late Mr. Janie Kitagawa was discussed, seven members of “Naniwa Danshi” were selected. This year, too, although the talent has not yet been announced, casting negotiations are reportedly underway behind the scenes. It was reported in some quarters that the first candidate has been offered the job. group” and “timelesz” (formerly Sexy Zone), which released their debut single on May 15, and the composite team of “King & Prince,” which is now a two-member team. However, based on negative public opinion and other factors, the agency has offered to turn it down, and it is still being worked out,” said an entertainment agency official.

Even within Nippon TV, there are many negative opinions about the casting of former Johnny’s celebrities. While favorable opinions are raised from the programming and production companies, cautious opinions are said to be coming from the sales and news bureaus. A source from an entertainment agency revealed, “One of the reasons is that ‘Naniwa Danshi,’ which was hired in the midst of last year’s turmoil, was sluggish, ranking 35th all time with an 11.3% household viewer rating.

Who will be this year’s main personality? While the long delay in making an official decision has drawn public attention, there is one thing that is of even greater concern within Nippon TV than the casting issue: the “personality” that was discovered last year. However, there is one thing that Nittele is even more concerned about than the casting issue: the loss of viewers due to the “embezzlement of charity donations” that came to light last year.

The unprecedented “embezzlement of donations” was discovered in November of last year. A former executive at the affiliate station, Nihonkai TV, had embezzled more than 11 million yen between 2002 and 2011. This included about 2.6 million yen in donations, which drew heavy criticism. Due to the nature of “24-Hour TV” as a charity program, donations will be made again this year. Nippon TV must be grateful that all the attention is focused on the use of STARTO’s talent. The company’s own scandals will be drowned out.

The “24-Hour TV” program has been broadcast for more than 45 years since its launch in 1978. The “embezzlement” of donations, which forms the basis of the program, is a situation that could shake the very existence of the program. However, as long as the program is on the air, charity donations cannot be stopped, so an “unusual response” is being considered.

The program’s very existence should be under scrutiny, but the top management has decided to air the program this year,” said one source. However, the upper management has decided to broadcast the program this year, and as long as we are going to do it, we have no choice but to raise funds. This is just an adjustment plan at this point, but it seems that they will take measures by reducing the number of times they call for donations in the program and shortening the length of each appeal in order to make it less noticeable. For example, the 3-minute donation announcement made last year on Saturdays from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. will be shortened to 1 minute this year. Details will be decided in coordination with local stations.

This response has been met with some questioning from within the station.

The upper management is probably thinking, ‘We want to do this without being found out,’ in order to avoid a hole in history, but I think that’s a complete waste of time and money. But I don’t think that’s the right way to go about it. But if they don’t want their appeal to be noticed, then what is the point of having a charity in the first place? …… I don’t feel comfortable with such an opportunistic response.

The “24-Hour TV” program has been facing a mountain of issues even before it is broadcast. Will it be aired in a way that satisfies both the viewers and the station staff? The station’s skill is being questioned.

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