24-Hour TV” is shaken by the “sexual assault issue”…Can Naniwa Boys “save” Johnny’s Office? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

24-Hour TV” is shaken by the “sexual assault issue”…Can Naniwa Boys “save” Johnny’s Office?

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Naniwa Danshi” will be the main personality in “24 Hour TV”. The member Ryusei Onishi will also appear on the show. ……

This year, too, NTV’s annual program “24-Hour TV: Love Will Save the Earth” is coming up on August 26-27.

The main personality of the program will be “Naniwa Danshi,” a group of men who are popular with the Johnny’s s office. In addition, Yomiuri TV, an affiliate of the Johnny’s office, has appointed “Ae! group,” a six-member unit of Kansai Johnny’s Jr. as a special supporter.

This scene has become so familiar that the main cast of 24 Hour TV is now reserved for Johnny’s. This year, however, was different.

This year, however, the situation was different. The environment surrounding Johnny’s has changed drastically this year, as the “sexual assault” of Johnny Kitagawa, the founder of Johnny’s Office, has been reported not only domestically but also internationally.

The other day, a working group of the United Nations Human Rights Council visited Japan and held a hearing on Johnny’s sexual assault. At the press conference held afterwards, the Council recognized Mr. Janney’s sexual assault and condemned it in strong terms.

Although the talent is innocent, the commercial industry is increasingly shying away from Johnny’s talent. Especially for companies that place importance on inbound advertising and are expanding overseas, the image of sexual assault is a major negative.

24-Hour TV is also struggling to cope with the situation.

This year’s main theme is

For tomorrow, let’s connect today.

and, following that, “Children, Environment, and SDGs.

“Think about children, the environment, the SDGs, and other social issues that we should consider for the future.

The main theme of this year is “Let’s connect today for tomorrow. What is the cause and effect of “children’s future” at this time of all times? ……

According to a Nippon TV source

Hakone Ekiden and 24-Hour TV are two of our dollar-box contents. In addition to the viewer ratings, the programs’ good image makes it easy to attract national clients, and the ad unit prices are high. Originally, if nothing had happened, we were planning to hold a PR conference for Naniwa Otoko and to visit each program for promotion, but it seems that we have decided to rethink the plan.

The “Mere Old Man” is not so sure.

However, Johnny’s is in a difficult situation, and they would like to get a “result” here to ease the headwind.

The Naniwa Boys have a strong image of being “playful” because they are from the Kansai region, but they have already been traveling energetically on location in various places and are showing a different face from the past. Some of the members were said to have cried during their interaction with people.

The presence of charity personalities who support the main personalities is also encouraging. This year’s list includes Yumiko Udo, anchor of the station’s “news zero,” Mana Ashida, and Kotaro Koizumi.

Koizumi is no stranger to scandal, not to mention the “likability monster” Ashida. Mr. Koizumi is no stranger to scandal, not to mention Mr. Ashida, who is a “likability monster.

I saw her at the press conference, giving a sharp look at the podium and running her notes. I think the presence of Ms. Arifumi, who is covering Mr. Janney’s sex victims, is significant in terms of keeping the program neutral,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

24-Hour TV has a certain number of anti-transformers. Every time the program is broadcast, it is derided as a “pushover of emotions,” and this year, due to the aforementioned sexual assault issue, the Internet was full of such comments as

Where am I supposed to cry?

What is Nippon TV thinking?

What is Nittele thinking?

Some people are saying harsh things such as, “Nittele is not going to do anything to help Naniwa.

Nippon TV had already decided to use Naniwa Boys a long time ago, and the “framework” of the program had already been established before the sexual assault issue this spring, so there is nothing they can do about it now. We have no choice but to rebound from the public headwinds with the content of the program.

Can Naniwa Otoko overturn the bad publicity and “save” the Johnny’s office?

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