Recorded the lowest viewer ratings in the last 30 years… The obsession with “that entertainment agency” that was behind the defeat of “24 Hours TV | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Recorded the lowest viewer ratings in the last 30 years… The obsession with “that entertainment agency” that was behind the defeat of “24 Hours TV

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Inohara is the representative of Johnny’s Island. He has been criticized for his lax response to the scandals of his talents.

24 Hour TV 46: Love Can Save the Earth” (NTV) aired live for two days from August 26 to 27. The average household and individual viewership ratings were 11.3% and 6.6%, respectively (according to Video Research/Kanto area/individual viewership ratings have been available since 1997). The household viewership was tied for 35th place out of the 46 broadcasts, while the individual viewership was sluggish, ranking 25th out of the 27 broadcasts since 1997. The ratings were among the lowest in the past 30 years. Considering that last year’s average household and individual viewership ratings were 13.8% and 8.1%, respectively, this is truly a dismal result.

Naniwa Danshi” served as the main personality, with personalities Ashida Mana (19), Koizumi Kotaro (45), and Arifumi Yumiko (54). Hiromi Hiromi (58), who was selected as a charity runner, completed the 102.3-kilometer race, and rakugo storyteller Kikugen Hayashiya (85) announced his graduation from the “Laugh-In” program. A key station official asked, “The biggest thing was still the janitorial staff.

The biggest reason was the forced use of Japanese celebrities. The main personality Daigo Nishihata (26), a member of “Naniwa Danshi,” was reported to have had a love affair with Natsuyasu Adachi, 24, an analyst at Yomiuri Television.

Furthermore, “Bishonen,” the main personality of affiliate Chukyo Television, was hit with a series of scandals and scandals prior to the broadcast, including a video of him throwing cream puffs at a wall in his dressing room. Despite this, the show was forced to appear on the air. This drew a flood of criticism from the general audience as well as from Johnny’s fans. It was a major miscalculation on the part of the Johnny’s office and NTV.

Furthermore, the issue of sexual assault by Mr. Janney Kitagawa on his talent has become a social problem that is shaking the world. The hard-line appearance of the show under such circumstances must have been unreasonable.

When it was quickly announced that “Naniwa Danshi” would be the main personality of the program, some entertainment agencies, not wanting to be collateral damage of the negative image of the sexual assault issue, decided to pass on the offer to appear on the program. With the poor reception even before the program aired and the reluctance of those involved, it is not surprising that this was the case. ……” (source from a key station)

Furthermore, there were also problems with the program’s structure and content. A source from a program production company revealed, “Some of the sponsors of the program had difficulty with the program.

It is said that some of the sponsors of the program were not willing to accept the program, and that they were not able to create the program structure and content as they wanted. As has already been reported by some media outlets, the production of the program was extremely difficult as sponsors and advertising agencies were increasingly removing Japanese celebrities from the program. Compared to previous years, the casting of the talent was weak, and the failure to incorporate surprise appearances and other major projects was one of the reasons for this result.

The “24-Hour TV” program ended with harsh results. The people involved are already talking about the future impact of the program. A source in the entertainment industry said, “The NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen at the end of the year was a great success.

There are whispers that the end-of-year NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen may be adversely affected by the appearance of Japanese talents. The public’s reaction to his attitude of ignoring all the scandals and scandals related to his sexual assault has only increased. NHK has had a close relationship with the Johnny’s office, but considering its position as a public broadcaster, it is difficult to treat them the same way as before.

The aftermath is not limited to Nippon TV, but is about to affect the entire industry.

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