While the sexual assault issue remains unresolved, Johnny’s “Naniwa Danshi” was selected as the main 24-hour TV program | FRIDAY DIGITAL

While the sexual assault issue remains unresolved, Johnny’s “Naniwa Danshi” was selected as the main 24-hour TV program

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Naniwa Danshi” has been chosen as the main personality for this year’s “24 Hour TV”. The popular Ryusei Onishi is also scheduled to appear.

Naniwa Danshi” from Johnny’s s will be the main personalities of “24 Hour TV 46” (NTV), which will be broadcast on August 26 and 27 this year. The theme is “Let’s connect today for tomorrow. The theme is “For tomorrow, let’s connect today.

Looking at the history of the program, we can see that since the position of main personality was established in 1997, it has been a series of “main personalities” separate from the general host, starting with KinKi Kids in the first year, followed by V6, TOKIO, Arashi, NEWS, Kanjani Eight, Hey! Prince, and many other prominent members of Johnny’s. This year, Naniwa, who is at the peak of her popularity, will be the star. And this year, it is the Naniwa Boys, who are at the peak of their popularity.

However, Johnny’s is in the midst of an investigation by a “recurrence prevention team” into the sexual misconduct of its founder, Mr. Kitagawa. President Keiko Fujishima Julie has only apologized in a video, but new victims keep voicing their opinions, and the uproar is expanding.

During the April 17 broadcast of “news zero,” it was announced that the main personalities would be Naniwa Boys, but the public is still outraged.

I will not watch #24hours TV.
 “#Collusion will save Johnny’s.

Hashtags such as these have been spreading, and many people who are not convinced have raised their voices.

The 24-hour TV program focuses mainly on people with disabilities and collects donations from all over the country using a “sob story,” as the saying goes. In addition to documentaries, Naniwa Otoko’s Shunsuke Michieda is starring in a drama about a chalk company whose employees are mostly mentally handicapped.

Fundraising in itself is a good thing, but the people at the station know that the more crying VTRs they make, the more money they can raise. On the other hand, Mr. Janney is alleged to have committed indecent acts against vulnerable junior and other employees in exchange for their debuts. Some of the victims at the time were so traumatized that they became mentally ill. It is absurd to think that Johnny’s, a company that has neglected the victims until now, would take the side of the weak.

In the past, Johnny’s lost a civil court case against Bunshun Weekly, but the major media could not touch Johnny’s, the sanctuary of the entertainment industry.

On the other hand, there are TV stations that always feature Johnny’s in their programs every year, such as the 24-hour TV program. There seems to be a reason why TV stations have not been able to resist to this extent.

In the 24-hour TV program, Johnny’s talents are involved in the program for a long time and for a long period of time, but Johnny’s does not receive a single yen from the TV station. At first, the TV station staff thought it would be impossible to have them perform for free, so they prepared an appearance fee, but Johnny’s stubbornly refused to accept it,” said a TV station official.

(TV station insider) “Therefore, Johnny’s could do Nippon TV a huge favor, and in addition, their corporate image would also be enhanced.

In addition to 24-Hour TV, Johnny’s has formed its own charity groups, such as the “J-Friends” and “Marching J,” for each major disaster.

However, behind the scenes, Mr. Johnny has been involved in sexual assaults such as the one reported here. Even though the talent is innocent, the darkness of Johnny’s is deep.

Of course, those involved in the performance will be looking forward to the show. If that helps to broaden understanding of the disabled and others, it could be a very meaningful program.

On the other hand, however, many people seem to question the decision to have Johnny’s, who has been rocked by the issue of sexual assault, appear on the program again this year as a matter of course.

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