The difference between Toma Ikuta, who “came from the top” with his “painless begging and flaming” and that “no flaming at all” Janis who quit the group. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The difference between Toma Ikuta, who “came from the top” with his “painless begging and flaming” and that “no flaming at all” Janis who quit the group.

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During the flame war, he was criticized for “unconsciously looking at women from above” (Aug. 11, ’17 issue).

I wondered if I had inadvertently shown my true colors.

The magazine journalist said this about Toma Ikuta (39), whose “painless begging” comment on Instagram has shown no sign of abating. The reporter, who has interviewed Ikuta many times, recalls her impression of him at the time as follows.

When he showed up at the interview location, the reporter was seated in his seat. When he appeared at the interview site, he sat down without even taking a glance at the reporters’ table. When I asked him for a basic explanation of the storyline of a film he appeared in, he refused to answer, saying, ‘Oh, is that something I should say? It’s written in the pamphlet, isn’t it?

On the other hand, he would talk about acting theory things in a flippant manner. I understand that he wants to be treated as a first-class actor, but he was (formerly) a Johnny’s idol. As a reader, I didn’t just want to hear about his acting, so I was like, ‘You have to understand that.

Like Ikuta, there is no end to the number of former Johnny’s idols who have been flamed for inadvertently revealing their true colors on social networking sites. Takuya Kimura (51), who posted “Show must go on!” immediately after his agency held a press conference to apologize for sexual assault, instantly destroyed the image he had built over the years. Koichi Domoto (45) of “KinKi Kids” was also said to have made a “completely bad move” by hurriedly deleting his past postings related to Mr. Janey in response to the office problems.

The series of slapstick incidents made us keenly aware of the fact that “what is unsaid is done. Especially for former Johnny’s talents, who have been in the entertainment business since childhood and are often out of touch with the general public, many people say, “It would be better if they didn’t do social networking ……. However, it seems that things are not that simple. A weekly journalist who is familiar with the entertainment industry says the following.

SNS is still attractive because it is an easy and overwhelming way to attract attention. It is an indispensable tool, especially for talents who have left Johnny’s and must now attract public attention on their own. Above all, the more followers you have, the more money you can earn.

However, as you can see, it comes with the risk of being burned. Many talents may think that if they can get plenty of work even if they leave it alone, they do not want to be so active on social networking sites.

In such a situation, there is a rare “quit-jani” talent who has a perfect relationship with social networking sites. That person is Junichi Okada, 43, formerly of V6.

When he was a member of the former Johnny’s, he did not have a personal social networking site. After about two months, when the situation had calmed down a bit, he announced that he was leaving the office. I got the impression that he did not say anything unnecessary and moved wisely when he saw the opportunity.

(Interview writer) While many people open their personal accounts immediately after leaving, Okada remained silent for nearly three months without making any move. Then, this past February, he opened his first X account. However, he has not directly interacted with his fans, but has only sent out messages himself. Perhaps because of this, he has so far received only positive reactions rather than flames, and his post-expulsion activities have not been hindered at all.

Mr. Okada has been able to use social networking sites without sending out unnecessary messages because he boasts of his extraordinary acting ability from his days with Johnny’s. He has the ability and the needs of his fans, and he has been able to use social networking sites to communicate with his fans. Unless you are a talent as talented and in demand as he is, you have to update your SNS frequently to create a buzz. It would be difficult for him to do so from that distance. The most recent example might be Toma Ikuta, who has had no hits in his leading roles and is now said to have a marital gap with his wife Nana Seino (29) that is now reversing. ……

It seems that SNS is a double-edged sword for former Johnny’s celebrities.

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