Koichi Domoto’s Change from “Considering Stepping Down” to “Showing by Action” KinKi’s Hesitation Continues Since Rumors of His Exit Two Years Ago | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Koichi Domoto’s Change from “Considering Stepping Down” to “Showing by Action” KinKi’s Hesitation Continues Since Rumors of His Exit Two Years Ago

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A direct interview with Koichi Domoto in Hakata, Fukuoka (December 17, ’21 issue)

I’m considering stepping down from all my activities, to put it mildly.

Koichi Domoto (44) of “KinKi Kids” wrote a column in the October 4 issue of “Nikkei Entertainment! in the October 4 issue of “Nikkei Entertainment!”, which has been attracting controversy for the statement he made in his column “Conditions of an Entertainer vol. 122”.

Koichi touched on the “Janie Kitagawa sexual assault issue,

Since the issue came to light, there have been so many things that I don’t know and don’t understand that I have been unable to communicate.

He also expressed his negative view of the office’s response. He also expressed a negative view of the office’s response. He then said that he was struggling to decide whether to transfer to a new company or to start a new company and sign an agent contract, and that he had a foundation of entertainment views and spirit that he had inherited from Mr. Janney since he was 12 years old,

He continued, “No matter how I express myself or the works I create, they will always contain the influence of Mr. Janney. If the world says that even that “ism” should be erased, there is nothing I can do. Then I have no choice but to retire.

He wrote, “If the world says that even that ism should be erased in the future, then there is nothing I can do. The day after the press conference on October 2, some sports newspapers reported the contents of this statement, leading to speculation that “Koichi Domoto is retiring? Speculation spread that “Koichi Domoto is retiring?

On social networking sites, there were comments such as,

“There’s no way he didn’t know about it,” said one person. Some commenters on social networking sites questioned, “How could he not know about this?

Some commenters questioned, “What is the point of this?

“He may have taken over Janney-ism, but there is no need for him to quit.

Kinki should continue in whatever form it takes.

Kinki should continue in whatever form it takes,” and the messages were full of support. In response to these messages, Koichi wrote a message to his fans on his blog on Johnny’s WEB, a membership site, on March 3. It’s time to take a new step forward,” he wrote,

We hope to find answers in our own way so that we can see a new and wonderful scenery together with you.

(excerpt). On October 8, he held a press conference to discuss the series of disturbances,

I don’t really mean that I am retiring. I said those words because I felt I had to bear the cross. Entertainment is the only way for me to express myself.

He denied the possibility of retirement and emphasized his intention to continue his activities. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief. But what about the question of whether he will transfer to another company or sign an agent contract?

Koichi caused controversy two years ago when he made a statement on his Instagram live suggesting that he was leaving the office. He revealed his displeasure with the ‘Johnny’s Festival’ at Tokyo Dome, which was scheduled to be held on New Year’s Eve in 2009, and criticized the office on his blog.

(A TV station source) “Despite being told by the office that Kinki’s annual New Year’s Day concert on January 1, 2010, would be difficult due to the renovation of the Tokyo Dome, the office announced that the “Janifest,” which was scheduled to be held the day before, would be held as planned.

In his blog, Koichi pointed out that the office was disrespecting the fans who look forward to the New Year’s Day concert every year. This was a clear criticism of the office, and it was unusual for a Johnny’s talent to take such an action.

(A source related to the above mentioned said, “In this insta-live, the following “meaningful statement” was also made.

Kinki will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year. We are talking about a lot of other things, too.

What does “other things” mean? What do they mean by “other things”?

It was said that they were talking about leaving the Johnny’s office. As the exit dominoes continue, Koichi is no doubt dissatisfied with the current situation. He must be thinking, ‘This trouble would never have happened if Mr. Janney (Kitagawa), who put the fans first, were alive.'” Even at a live concert in July 2009, he said, ‘I might have said I’m leaving suddenly tomorrow.'”

In late November 2009, “FRIDAY” directly interviewed Koichi during a stage performance in Fukuoka. When asked about the possibility of his leaving the theater, he replied, “Not at all,

He answered with a smile, “Not at all.

He answered with a smile, “Not at all.

At the press conference on October 8, he did not clearly state whether he was transferring or signing an agent contract, but I am sure his mind is shaken by the information that is updated daily. However, considering the meaning of the phrase ‘bear the cross,’ I think the possibility of signing an agent contract with a new agency has increased…”

However, Koichi also said this at the press conference on August 8.

He said, “Many things change and are suddenly known, so what I say tomorrow may change again, and we are in such a turbulent situation. I don’t think it’s right to say, “That’s why it’s so hard for us,” but rather, “It’s the victims who have suffered the most, so we have to keep that in mind and think about what we can do.

The situation continues to be unpredictable as to what the final decision will be.

A reporter asked him if there was a possibility that he would leave. He denied the question, but his expression was soft.
A direct interview with Koichi Domoto in Hakata, Fukuoka, where he was dressed casually in a T-shirt and a hoodie with the name of the stage he is performing in.
Direct interview with Koichi Domoto about his “meaningful comments” on his Instagram and blog.
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