Takuya Kimura’s attempts to restore his image on YouTube fail miserably… He is treated as an “ugly uncle” on social networking sites. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Takuya Kimura’s attempts to restore his image on YouTube fail miserably… He is treated as an “ugly uncle” on social networking sites.

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He has long been regarded as a charismatic figure, but…

Takuya Kimura, the former SMAP member who is now the “eldest son” among the talents belonging to the former Johnny’s (now STARTO ENTERTAINMENT), mentioned on the January 1 broadcast of the variety show “San Taku” (Fuji TV) the sexual abuse of the late Johnny Kitagawa, the founder of the agency. He referred to the sexual assault of the late Janie Kitagawa, the founder of the office, in the January 1 broadcast of the variety show “Santaku” (Fuji Television Network), but his comments were met with a string of harsh criticism from viewers.

At the opening of the program, Akashiya Sanma, who served as his partner, passed the word, “Well, there are many things to talk about this year,” and “I have no choice but to listen,” he said. In response, Kimura said, “In a way, I didn’t have a place where I could say it in my own voice, in my own words. Rather, I was very grateful to have a place like this,” he revealed.

When Sanma confirmed, “Is this the first time you’ve made a fuss on TV? Kimura replied, “Yes, it will be. Kimura talked about the communication he had with Sanma during the turmoil. “I talked to him about it,” he said, “‘Well, I tend to be a little depressed,’ he said. I said, ‘Well, I’ll do it without backing out,’ and he replied, ‘No backing out. I knew he was that kind of person.

When asked about his current state of mind, he replied, “There are victims in this story. I am very sorry that I caused so much worry not only to the people at work, but also to my fans.

However, Kimura’s statement that “there was no place for me to say it in my own words” has been questioned. It is true that Kimura does not have a regular TV show, but his personal radio show “Takuya Kimura Flow supported by Spotify” (TOKYO FM) airs every Sunday from 11:30 am to 5:55 am.

Basically, it is a talk show with monthly guests, but there are times when only Kimura answers questions from listeners. If he wanted to, he could have made time on the radio to talk about his office’s turmoil as the reigning top talent” (entertainment writer).

Also, netizens commented on the phrase, “I’ll do it without backing out.

I’m going to do it without backing out,” said a junior high school student at ……. No junior high school student talks like this nowadays.
A 51-year-old man says ‘backsliding’ in response to a sexual assault issue. What kind of language is he using?
What do you mean by “backsliding”? Are you trying to say that everyone who left the agency because of their problems with the agency “ran away”?
I thought it was a bit awkward that only Kimutaku said “backslide” as if he was left behind by the times.

I thought it was a bit of a joke.

Speaking of Kimura, he was also criticized for his Instagram postings after he admitted to Mr. Johnny’s sexual assault at a press conference held by the former Johnny’s office on September 7.

While posting a selfie of himself in a saluting pose, he sent out messages such as “show must go on!”, a phrase said to have been cherished by Mr. Janney. The post was bashed as “insensitive” and “can’t read the air” because of the seriousness of the situation in which the victim existed (the post was later deleted).

He said, “Maybe some part of me learned my lesson from this. ……. From then on, he kept updating his Instagram without mentioning the sex assault issue or the situation at the office. Later, as the old Johnny’s entered a new regime, Johnny’s fans began to slander the victim more and more. However, Kimura, who is a top talent, did not alert his fans to the excessive behavior of these fans and continued to upload photos and videos of him walking with his dog on his Instagram Stories day after day.

Some fans from the SMAP era

Kimura’s Instagram is not very interesting. He’s just walking his dog.
He walks his dog all the time. He looks like a retired old man.
What is Mr. Kimura doing? All he does is walk his dog and take selfies on Instagram.

He seems disillusioned.

Will Kimura’s new YouTube channel, which he launched on January 1, be able to attract new fans and revive his career as a celebrity?

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