Koji Imada, Last Heavyweight Bachelor Comedian, Spotted in All-Black Undercover Outfit | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Koji Imada, Last Heavyweight Bachelor Comedian, Spotted in All-Black Undercover Outfit

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Imada strolls down the street with a convenience store coffee in one hand. A weekly magazine was also in his plastic bag.

In mid-April, when the scent of early summer was refreshing, a man dressed all in black was walking in one of Tokyo’s most fashionable towns, known as a cherry blossom viewing spot.

He was wearing a knit cap, glasses, and a mask for complete protection. The man, dressed in a special outfit, was Koji Imada (58), a comedian.

He is still single, even as he nears his 60th birthday, and serves as chairman of the “Alone Kai,” a group of unmarried comedians. Although he is frequently reported to be dating popular celebrities, he has never gotten married, and people around him are wondering why.

After five or so visits, he settled down at a popular udon shop.

After eating alone, Imada stopped by a convenience store and quickly picked up a newspaper near the entrance. After shopping and with an iced coffee in hand, he headed to a men’s hair salon known as a “comedian’s hairdresser. After three hours of self-improvement, the comedian disappeared into the hustle and bustle.

Mr. Imada is meticulous and has a nervous disposition, which he admits to both himself and others. If he stayed for such a long time, his orders to the hairdresser were probably very detailed.

(Laughter)” (A production company executive) “Imada is uncompromising even in his off-time. This may have nothing to do with the reason he has remained single.

Imada Koji, dressed in black and dressed to impress.
Unpublished photograph of Koji Imada, dressed in black and wearing an all-black outfit.

From theMay3, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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