The “Gotsu Family” united after Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “Bunshun Gun” hit them… Koji Imada and Kon Kon Kon “thought of the defensive comments”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Gotsu Family” united after Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “Bunshun Gun” hit them… Koji Imada and Kon Kon Kon “thought of the defensive comments”.

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Downtown” Hitoshi Matsumoto was reported to have had an affair. While comedians are not allowed to mention it, that junior comedian is ……

Many people are interested in the “sexual scandal allegation” of Hitoshi Matsumoto of the comedy duo “Downtown” that broke out at the end of 2011.

According to the article, Matsumoto was involved in a dubious “game” with three women at a luxury hotel in Tokyo in 2003, together with Kazutaka Ozawa of the comedy duo “Speed Wagon” and a broadcaster.

Matsumoto asked the women in their ears, “Have my baby! and other requests in the woman’s ear. The shocked woman reportedly suffered PTSD.

In response, Yoshimoto Kogyo, to which Matsumoto belongs, issued a statement saying

The article in question is a slander against the talent in question, and has seriously damaged her reputation in society,” the company said in a statement.

Yoshimoto Kogyo, to which Matsumoto belongs, stated

We are strictly protesting the article, including the manner in which it was reported, and will be considering legal action in the future.

The company completely denied the allegations. Bunshun, on the other hand, stated

The article is based on multiple detailed testimonies, and we are fully confident that we have done our best to support our reporting.

The article is based on multiple detailed testimonies and corroborative interviews, and we are fully confident of its accuracy.

A serious scandal involving Matsumoto, who reigns at the top of the comedy world. And that, too.

“It’s more like sexual assault than adultery,” said a person involved in the publication.

The entertainment world was in a tense mood because of this.

Even young comedians who normally love gossip are quiet, saying, ‘It’s not right to say this. Even the TV and radio production staffs are basically saying, “Until the facts become clear, let’s not mention it. It is said that a second “Bunshun cannon” will be fired at the beginning of the new year, so there is no telling how things will turn out.

In the midst of all this, the former “Gotsu Family” “defended” Matsumoto.

The legendary comedy show “Downtown no Gottsu-eki” (Fuji TV) aired from 1991 to 1997. Koji Imada and Hong Kong, who appeared on the show with Downtown, mentioned the riot one after another.

Imada mentioned the Bunshun article in the December 29 broadcast of “Wide Nah Show Year-End 3-Hour Live SP” (Fuji Television Network).

He said, “It seems as if I am reading a novel. It’s as if I’m reading a novel.

He continued, “I don’t know what to think. He continued

I don’t think the Matsumoto-san and Ozawa-kun (of Speedwagon), whom I know, would say anything like that. I have never heard comments like the ones in that article. I have been to many blind dates with him.

He stressed, “I’ve been to many blind dates with you.

On the same day, on her YouTube channel, Hong Kong also commented

As far as I know,” she said, “this is the first thing. (I wonder if (Matsumoto) would say, ‘Have my baby. I wonder if [Matsumoto] would say, ‘Have my baby.

I’m doubtful. And since it happened eight years ago, “I wonder why he didn’t say it then,” he said.

I think, ‘Why couldn’t he say that at the time?

She also said, “I wonder why she didn’t tell me at the time.

Perhaps he thought it would be a bad idea to question the timing of the woman’s accusation, he decided to address the issue in a radio program broadcast the following day on Radio Osaka’s “Saturday Afternoon, Tokoton Honkons! on Saturday afternoon!

In the following broadcast on the 30th, he said, “After all, we are a nation governed by the rule of law. So, you don’t really know what this is. I don’t know either.

He toned it down a bit. He insisted that the case should be settled in court.

The sports newspaper reporter mentioned above said, “The ‘Gotsu Family’ is a family,

The position of the “Gotsu Family” is like a “pecking order” within Yoshimoto. Since Matsumoto-san, the leader of the family, was attacked, everyone is trying to protect him.

Rather than issuing a gag order within the company, it would be better for a well-known comedian to communicate in this way to sway public opinion.

Matsumoto said in X on the 28th of last month

I thought I could quit at any time, but…I’m getting motivated…” (A former sports reporter)

(A reporter from a sports newspaper). The “Gottsu Family” is sure to be supportive in the inevitable all-out confrontation with Bunshun, but…

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