A Kiss on the Street with Masami Nagasawa, a Date with Masataka Kubota in His Car — Asami Mizukawa’s Beautiful Stolen Shots! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A Kiss on the Street with Masami Nagasawa, a Date with Masataka Kubota in His Car — Asami Mizukawa’s Beautiful Stolen Shots!

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Best friend Nagasawa looks happy at the sudden kiss from Mizukawa. June ’08


Many of you may have been taken aback by the image of a woman driving a mini-car with the background song “Younger Boys”  shouting and grooving. It is Asami Mizukawa, 39, who appears in a commercial for Mitsubishi Motors’ “Delica Mini.” Mizukawa is one of the most driven actresses, scheduled to appear in the movie “The Armada of Silence,” which opens in September, and in the NHK morning drama “Boogie Woogie” in the second half of 2023.

Mizukawa says that when she was 10 years old, she saw the drama “Ienakako” and aspired to become an actress like Yumi Adachi, who starred in the drama. She entered an entertainment production company when she was 13. Since then, she has appeared in many famous films, including the movie “Nodame Cantabile” and the NHK historical drama “Saigodon.”

In her personal life, she married actor Masataka Kubota in September ’19. She has a cheerful personality and has a wide circle of friends in the entertainment industry, including Nana Eikura and Erika Toda. She is also known as a big Hanshin fan.

“FRIDAY” has been paying attention to Mizukawa since soon after her name became a household name in Japan. We have been watching her kiss on the street with her friend Masami Nagasawa, her car date with her husband Kubota, and her daring outfits at events. We would like to introduce Mizukawa’s aura of charm with these treasured photos.

Nagasawa’s hottie taking a selfie with …

It was in June 2008 that a shocking kissing scene in a street with a big-name actress.

It was in the downtown area of Shibuya, Tokyo, where clubs and record stores are densely located. A woman’s laughter echoed in the background. Mizukawa and Nagasawa had been drinking and were having a good time with some red-faced men and women, and they co-starred in the drama “Last Friends” (Fuji Television). They are well known in the entertainment world for their close friendship.

Suddenly, they kissed! Mizukawa kissed Nagasawa’s cheek, who was taking a selfie with a digital camera. “Crap!” Nagasawa was surprised, but happy. It was a scene that showed how close they were.

In November 2011, Nagasawa and Kubota were caught on a date.

One night. Kubota’s favorite car, a Roadster, pulls out of the parking lot of a designer condominium in one of Tokyo’s most exclusive residential areas. The roof was open and Mizukawa was sitting in the passenger seat.

Kubota and Mizukawa apparently started dating when they co-starred in the drama “Bokutachi ga Yatte” (Fuji Television), which aired in the summer of ’17. A designer apartment in a residential area is Ms. Mizukawa’s office. At the time, Kubota was often seen going in and out of the apartment,” said a reporter in charge of entertainment for a sports newspaper.

Mizukawa now has a happy family with Kubota. She is so frank that she kisses her friends and will probably expand her circle of friends in the entertainment world even more.

Mizukawa suddenly kisses Nagasawa who was taking a selfie
Mizukawa and Nagasawa’s group having fun in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Mizukawa (right) and Nagasawa are so close that they traveled to Hawaii together. December ’09.
November ’17. Kubota and Mizukawa’s pre-wedding drive date
She also dated Keisuke Koide. April ’12.
Late-night date with Keisuke Koide
January ’10. At a stage greeting for the movie “Higanjima”
January ’10. At the stage greeting for the movie “Higanjima”
With Juri Ueno at the launch of the historical drama “E.” October ’11.
With Juri Ueno at the launch of the historical drama “E.” Oct. ’11.
March ’18. Becky (center), Mizukawa (right), and Kanna Moriya (left) showed some composure in waving when they ran into reporters from this magazine.
The staff and banquet attendees couldn’t help but say, “It’s so cold!” The temperature was so low that the staff and the party were unable to resist saying, “It’s cold!” February ’10
The launch of the drama “Hito ga Mukou ga 100 Percent” (Fuji) was held on a houseboat. With Mirei Kiritani (right) and others. June ’17
Celebrating her birthday with Sho Sakurai and Naoko Iijima of “Arashi.” July ’08.
February ’10. A fresh smile to acquaintances.
Shopping at a store specializing in organic foods. April ’15.
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