Koji Imada Faces Criticism for Past Remarks Despite High Praise for Gentlemanly Conduct | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Koji Imada Faces Criticism for Past Remarks Despite High Praise for Gentlemanly Conduct

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Koji Imada shopping in Roppongi. Although he has a reputation for being “gentlemanly with the ladies,” …… (photo from July 10, ’20 issue)

“Come on! Transportation expenses are cheap, like 3000 yen or 2000 yen. And I’ve never played with a group.”

On January 21st, in “Beat Takeshi’s TV Tackle” (TV Asahi), Beat Takeshi was asked for his opinion on the series of reports about “Downtown” Matsumoto Hitoshi. Takeshi shouted his opinion on Matsumoto’s way of playing like this.

According to a series of Bunshun reports, the cab fares Matsumoto gave to the women he was with were reportedly 10,000 yen in Tokyo, 3,000 yen in Osaka, and 5,000 yen in Fukuoka. In a January 10 report by FRIDAY Digital, too,

“As the last train time approached, Matsumoto-san suddenly became restless and said, ‘You can still make it for the last train,’ handing over 2000 yen, and I was dropped off at Shibuya Station.”

The article introduces the words of a woman who claims to have had a relationship with Matsumoto in 1995, and it is presumed that Takeshi made the aforementioned comment based on these reports. Furthermore, Emiko Uenuma commented on January 14 on “Ukaminuma-Takada no Kugizuke!” (Yomiuri TV)

“I felt like throwing up a bit. He was a top-notch person, but his way of having fun was below average, despite being a top-tier individual.”

And bluntly. There’s no doubt that women felt disgust towards Matsumoto’s stingy behavior. In contrast, his direct junior, Koji Imada, is known for being gentlemanly and generous with money towards women.

“During the stay-at-home period of the COVID-19 pandemic, entertainers who held drinking parties faced backlash. Imada, fearing controversy, refrained from hosting any drinking parties. That’s how cautious his personality is.” (Comedy Industry Insider)

Imada, however, has resumed drinking with women since Corona dawned.

“That place is usually a high-end restaurant that Imada frequents, with a reservation waitlist of several years. Girls are happy to be invited, and since it’s not a hotel, they can participate with peace of mind. When Imada can’t make it, he generously lets his juniors take his spot, so they are grateful to him.

On TV, he plays a character who can’t get married, but he can be considerate towards women and is reputed as a gentleman. He still remains popular with women. However, due to the media coverage of Matsumoto, it seems he’s not holding any drinking parties at the moment.” (aforementioned insider)

It is reported that the impact is beginning to be felt in his work. The broadcast of “Koji Imada’s Suppin Tour,” scheduled for February 4th on FBS Fukuoka Broadcasting, has been postponed.

The program featured Jun Kurose of the comedy duo “Punk Boo Boo” as an attendant, guiding Imada and other performers around Fukuoka. Speaking of Kurose, he reportedly gathered women for Matsumoto at a hotel. The station said,

“Due to scheduling reasons, the broadcast of this program will be suspended for the time being.”

Despite explaining it as due to scheduling reasons, it is believed that the series of reports had an impact.


“Nowadays, Imada is known for his way of enjoying life, but in his younger days, he used to pick up women for Matsumoto and repeatedly held drinking parties together. At that time, he seems to have lived a flashy lifestyle. He used to talk about those days on TV, and past statements have already been dug up on platforms like YouTube.” (sports newspaper reporter).

Among them, one of the most widely listened and circulated stories is the revelation by Makoto Otake about Imada, which has gained popularity on X (formerly Twitter).

“This video is from the broadcast of ‘Downtown Juice’ on January 20, 1994 (TBS). Guest Makoto Otake exposed Imada’s private life, pointing out that Imada sees women only as tools for sex. Imada, who was listening to the conversation, responded with ‘Please spare me.'”

As a single celebrity known for adult play and considered gentlemanly with women, Imada has a positive reputation. However, his recent reserved appearances in the media may be attributed to the fear of his past being brought to light, despite his image as a high-profile unmarried entertainer.

Even after Matsumoto’s hiatus, the impact of his activities continues to spread.

Imada takes home a female staff member from his TV show after secretly meeting her at a bar (January 27, ’14 issue)
Imada takes home a female staff member from his TV show after secretly meeting her at a bar (January 27, ’14 issue).
Imada enjoys shabu-shabu with Hello Ueda, a solo comedian known for his impersonation of B’z’s Koshi Inaba (June 23, 2017 issue).
Imada had a six-hour drinking session with Chidori’s DaiGo (October 5, 2018 issue).
A group including members Naoki Matayoshi of “Peace,” Yuki Baba of “Robert,” Diego, a Maradona impersonator, and a beautiful woman heading to Imada’s home (September 4, 2020 issue).
  • PHOTO Takao Kawakami, Tetsuko Takemoto (2nd and 3rd photos), Yasuko Sakaguchi, Keisuke Nishi, Shu Nishihara

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