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Miyasako is worried about the future…the difference between success and failure of celebrity YouTubers

Riisa Naka, Tsubasa Honda, Takumi Saito, Haruna Kawaguchi......What are the differences between successful and unsuccessful celebrities?

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Hiroyuki Miyasako, who had announced on August 20 that he was suspending the distribution of his YouTube channel, reported on August 26 that he would resume distribution on his channel.

The other day, an acquaintance of mine who works in TV told me something like this.

The other day, an acquaintance of mine who works in TV told me, “Miyasako-san’s YouTube is getting a lot of attention, but frankly speaking, it’s quite different from the rules of success in YouTube. I don’t understand how he got to that point. I don’t know.

This acquaintance of mine is someone who has moved from the front lines of TV production to the front lines of YouTube video production and is now active in the field. What did he think of Hiroyuki Miyasako’s YouTube videos? I was curious, so I asked him about it in detail, and he gave me an answer that made me nod my head in agreement.

Now that many celebrities are active as YouTubers, there are many cases where the people behind the production of their videos are actually TV people. We asked these “TV people who make YouTube” what separates the successes and failures of talent YouTubers.

What are the three key factors that determine success or failure, and what do the “TV people who make YouTube” think of the “successful and unsuccessful YouTubers”? I will also introduce the “talents who are succeeding on YouTube, those who are failing, and those who may be in trouble in the future,” as evaluated by “TV people who make YouTube.

What are the “three points” of success for talent YouTubers?

“The “TV guys who make YouTube” say that the key to the success of a talent YouTuber is “whether there is a gap between what they look like on TV” andwhether they are doing what they really want to do. I think this certainly makes sense.

No matter how popular a celebrity is, there is no need to watch YouTube if they are doing exactly the same thing as they do on terrestrial TV. That’s what TV is for. “The appeal of YouTube lies in the fact that you can see familiar talents in a real way that you can’t see on TV. In other words, the appeal of a celebrity’s YouTube channel is the feeling of being able to peek into the daily life and true face of a celebrity who is not working.

In this sense, what celebrities should do in their YouTube videos should be “what they really want to do. “If you feel like you are being forced to do something by someone else, or that you are doing something you are not really interested in because it is currently popular, you are completely out of luck. If you feel like you’re doing it because it’s popular and you’re not interested in it, then you’re out. In this case, it is only a realistic presentation, but not the “truly real” appearance of the celebrity. The viewer can see through this.

There is one more point that is important to consider. That is, it should not feel like it is being made by a professional production staff such as a TV crew. Even if you are a celebrity, if you call yourself a YouTuber, it is preferable that you make your own videos in principle. Even if a large amount of money is actually spent on the production and a lot of professionals are involved in the production, you have to give it a “handmade” feel by saying that you edited it yourself. Otherwise, it will not look “real”.

From this point of view, which celebrities are successful as YouTubers? Let’s take a look at a selection of “TV people who make YouTube” and why.

“Successful examples”: Riisa Naka, Tsubasa Honda, Hiroshi, and Nicole Fujita’s “gap, heat, and familiarity

The first name that came up as a success story was Riisa Naka.

“What’s amazing about her is that she really does it all by herself. There are probably no professional staff involved. That’s why the realism of the thumbnails and editing is overwhelmingly strong, as if she really did it herself. Moreover, the faces are completely different from the ones shown in the drama, and they are full of life, which makes me feel closer to them. They’re also very attentive to their users, replying to comments and giving them likes.

Similarly, Tsubasa Honda was named because “I can see that she really likes manga and game play, and I can feel her passion. She is also skillful in her “thumbnails and editing, which look like they have staff in them but don’t. Hiroshi, who has become a hot topic on YouTube specializing in camping, also gets high marks for “his enthusiasm, no background music or talking, and a sense of craft that doesn’t feel like staff.

And then there’s Nicole Fujita, who is being praised from a slightly different perspective.

“Nicole Fujita has been quick to adopt makeup videos that have been buzzing. She is the only other celebrity who continuously uploads makeup videos while keeping up with the latest trends. In that sense, I think the content of the videos is based on a proper study of the needs of the users.

“Example of failure”: Takumi Saito and Eiji Bando “don’t know what they want to do”.

Next, Takumi Saito was mentioned as a failed celebrity.

“Saito Takumi’s posts are too infrequent, and he seems to have taken too many pictures and has a sense of déjà vu. I have no idea why he wants to set a “world record”. It doesn’t have to be Takumi Saito, does it? I think it would be better to talk about movies or something that only he can deliver.

Eiji Bando’s YouTube site also has content that I don’t really understand what he wants to do.

“Eiji Bando’s thumbnails and titles are so random that they don’t even catch the search results. The length of the video is too short for a project, so I don’t know what he’s trying to do.

The future will be bad⁉︎ is Hiroyuki Miyasako, Haruna Kawaguchi, and Natsuna

At the beginning of this article, Hiroyuki Miyasako’s evaluation as a YouTuber was, “Isn’t he going to be in trouble in the future? I asked him why. I asked him to elaborate on the reason for this.

“I think his fans who have been watching him on TV are now watching his channel because they are curious about what he has been doing since he stopped appearing on TV. I don’t feel that there is a gap between him and TV, nor do I feel that he is doing what he really wants to do. There’s no sense of ‘what I really want to do.

The only videos that are getting more views are the ones that are collaborations. If you don’t collaborate, you won’t make the news, so I think it will be difficult to grow in the future. In fact, the number of views has been on a downward trend lately.

And for Haruna Kawaguchi and Natsuna, “there are a few points where I feel uneasy about the future.

“In the beginning, Haruna Kawaguchi’s channel had a handmade feel to it, and I thought it was great to see the real Haruna Kawaguchi, but …… lately, it feels like the staff has come in, and I don’t feel like she’s doing what she wants to do. The number of viewers is also going down.

Natsuna’s videos of her doing what she loves are growing steadily, but lately she’s been focusing too much on “YouTube-like things,” and I’m worried that her growth is sluggish. I feel like he doesn’t update as often as he should.

That’s the dry evaluation from the TV people who support the YouTube of celebrities behind the scenes. I hope this will be of some help to you when you watch YouTube in the future, and to the celebrities when they start YouTube.

  • Interview and text by Hiromichi Chinmoku / TV producer and writer

    Joined TV Asahi in 1992. After covering the Great Hanshin Earthquake and Aum Shinrikyo as a reporter in the Social Affairs Department, he worked as a director for Super J Channel, Super Morning, and News Station before becoming a producer. After working as a director of Super J Channel, Super Morning, and News Station, he became a producer. He has been involved in many overseas projects, including coverage of China, the Korean Peninsula, and the terrorist attacks in the United States. In August 2019, he became an independent producer and has been active not only in broadcasting but also in various media. He is also a part-time lecturer at the Department of Newspapers, Faculty of Letters, Sophia University. As a member of the Society for Public Communication, she has studied regional media, and has researched and written articles on face-hame-panels as her life's work. His recent publications include "Dramatically Increase Access and Registration! "(Nihon Jitsugyo Shuppansha).

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