Marina Nagasawa, a “legal lolita” gradol, is a social networking expert: “I do a lot of Ego-Sa”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Marina Nagasawa, a “legal lolita” gradol, is a social networking expert: “I do a lot of Ego-Sa”!

We interviewed Marina Nagasawa aka "Marichu," who continues to be at the top of the gravure world! She talks about her surprising eating habits, and also shares her secret story about her hobby of playing mahjong, which led her to become a professional mahjong player.

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Marina Nagasawa, popularly known by the catchphrase “Legally Lolita,” appeared in FRIDAY’s gravure section for the first time in about three years. She looks back on the day of the photo shoot, “It was so much fun and it went by so fast! She recalls the day of the shoot, “It was fun and it went by so fast!

Marina Nagasawa / From Saitama Prefecture

Marina Nagasawa, from Saitama Prefecture, said, ” Recently, I have been given more opportunities to wear not only Lolita-like outfits, but also more mature ones. I enjoy it because it gives me a fresh feeling, and my fans also seem to appreciate the gap between my usual cute impression and theirs. I think they were able to get a particularly good shot of me today, so I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!

The new photos will be published on the website “FRIDAY Subscription” in a series format. The photos of the outfits with the most “likes” on the off-shot uploaded on Nagasawa’s SNS will be published as an encore.

She will be wearing lingerie with black knee-highs and a pink gingham-check swimsuit with twin-tails. I think these two top shots will compete for the most ‘likes. I can’t wait to see which one the fans like the most!

The lingerie cut, which she says “I think the fans will like.

Nagasawa’s strength lies in his ability to communicate on social networking sites; he has more than 1.5 million followers on X and Instagram combined.

I don’t have any particular rules for social networking, but I try to post from the perspective of my fans. I try to post from the perspective of my fans. I try to post from the viewpoint of my fans. In the world of gravure, Tomomi Morisaki, Jun Amagi, and Airi Shimizu have a lot of followers, so I always learn from their posts.

I always learn from their posts. For fans who often come to see me at events, I go to their SNS and “like” their posts. I do a lot of ego-searching (laughs). I often search for the words “Marichu” and “Marina Nagasawa. When this issue of FRIDAY becomes available, I’m going to ego-search it and push “Like” all over the place!

She has a slender F-cup body. When we ask her about the secret to keeping her style, she says, “I cut back on alcohol a week before the shoot and watch what I eat,

She replied, “I cut back on alcohol one week before a shoot, and I am also a little more careful about what I eat. I love ramen so much that I eat it every day, but when I have a photo shoot, I start holding back about three days before.

I love ramen so much that I eat it every day, but when we have to shoot, I start holding back about three days before.

I really love ramen, and I’ve been eating it every day for about eight years now. When I was an idol, I couldn’t forget the taste of ramen I had after a live performance, and from there I got more and more hooked. I even have an Instagram account dedicated to ramen now. I can’t get enough of that salty taste of ramen! It really takes away the fatigue of the day, doesn’t it? The way they make ramen and the love they put into it differs from restaurant to restaurant, so discovering their specialties is one of the things I look forward to. I’ve been holding off on ramen this month because I’ve been doing a lot of photogravure shoots, so I think I’ll go to a ramen restaurant this evening (laughs).

In a bathroom shoot, she showed off her impressive expressive power.

In 2009, she passed the mahjong pro test and has been active as a mahjong player.

He said, “Since becoming a professional, I have come to love mahjong more and more. As an adult, I didn’t have many opportunities to study, so I am grateful to Nagasawa for teaching me the joy of learning and for continuing to inspire me to improve.

Many fans have started playing mahjong because of Nagasawa’s influence.

Before I became a professional, there was a female fan who said, ‘I want to learn mahjong because Marichu plays mahjong. She used to come to see me at events. Then she said, ‘The only way for me to work with Mari-Chu is to become a professional mahjong player! and he became a pro before me! About three years later, I also became a professional and was able to play with him as a professional. I was very happy, and he was also very happy.

We asked Nagasawa, who is active in a variety of genres, about her goals for the remainder of 2011.

I would like to achieve results in mahjong games!  Also, I want to get ripped abs. Because I usually eat ramen and drink a lot of alcohol in my daily life, my body has become prone to fat without building muscle ……. Now that I am getting older, I would like to get my abdominal muscles in shape. I want to show them off in gravure by the end of the year!

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  • Photographed (1st photo) Gotha Suzuki

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