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Drunk with wine and in love with her boyfriend… Tsubasa Honda’s “aura-filled” secret photos

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Smiling at the launch of her drama in December 2004.


With a glass of wine in her hand, actress Tsubasa Honda (29) looked like she was about to say something like that. In December of 2004, the drama “Jimi ni Sugoi! (Nippon Television Network Corporation).

The venue was a trendy wine bar. Ms. Honda, who played the role of an editor, was in a good mood the whole time. She was happily chatting with her co-star Masato Wada and others,” said a program staff member.

Honda’s popularity is unstoppable. According to the “2021 Ranking of Talent CM Companies” (Nihon Monitor), she was used by 16 companies in the first half of this year, making her the “Queen of CM. She has also starred in many films, including the drama “Love Starts with a Lie” (NTV) and the movie “Terminal. We would like to introduce the charm of the famous actress Honda with her treasured photos.

Who is the boyfriend who spends time with her in her room?

Tsubasa Honda is in Tokyo for a photo shoot. On this day, after seeing K-san off to work, she arrived at the scene in a courtesy car.
On her way home from work, Ms. K stopped by the supermarket to do some shopping. He bought green onions and burdock root. In his left hand, he is holding what looks like a duplicate key.

It was in May of this year that I caught Honda’s first glimpse of passionate love. In May of this year, we caught up with Honda for the first time to find out who her boyfriend is.

It’s K-san, a 26-year-old resident doctor. He is a 26-year-old resident doctor, graduated from a private university medical school, and was working at a hospital in Tokyo as a third-year internist. When I was in college, I played in a band, and my drumming skills were of a professional level.

Moreover, he is trilingual, speaking Japanese, English and Chinese. His parents run a company that imports and exports food and household goods, and he has been driving a top-grade BMW since he was a student.

When this magazine spotted Honda, he was on his way to work in a courtesy car after seeing K off. When this magazine spotted her, she was on her way to work in her car after seeing K off. Even though it was still early in the summer, the sunlight was strong. Even though she was squinting in the strong sunlight, her expression showed her cheerfulness. If her personal life is going well, it makes sense that she is positive about her work.

Where she went with her best friend, the actress: ……

With her best friend Aya Omasa (left) at an event at the Nippon Budokan, taken in May 2002.

Even when disguised with a hat and mask, Honda’s overwhelming aura cannot be hidden. In May of 2002, Honda was walking the streets of Kudan, Tokyo, chatting with her best friend Aya Oomasa, gesturing with her hands.

In May of 2002, Honda was walking down the street in Kudan, Tokyo, gesturing and chatting with her best friend Aya Oomasa, who was a model for the fashion magazine Seventeen. They have also worked together on TV dramas and are very close.

Honda and Oomasa went to the Nippon Budokan (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo). At the time, an event called “MIFA CUP 2014” was being held that combined soccer and music. Honda entered the venue through the entrance for officials. I’m sure he had a great time with his best friend.

Angry shouts echoing through the city center!

Honda played a detective in the drama. On this day, she was wearing a casual outfit with a long skirt, taken in June 2006.

“Hey! What are you doing?

A man’s shout echoed down a main street in Shinjuku, Tokyo, just after 8 p.m. on a June night in 2006. The voice belonged to Yutaka Yokoyama of Kanjani Eight. On the other side, Honda could be seen. It seemed to be a location shooting for the drama series “Absolute Zero” (Fuji Television Network, Inc.), which was airing at the time.

Aya Ueto originally played the main character in “Absolute Zero,” but Kazuki Sawamura took over the lead role as an elite former public safety detective. Yokoyama and Honda played the roles of detectives investigating alongside Sawamura,” said a Fuji TV employee.

It seems that the scene that took place at that time was that Honda was kidnapped by someone and Yokoyama chased after him while screaming. Many passersby were surprised by Yokoyama’s shouting and stopped in their tracks, unaware of the scene.

When they finished filming this scene, Yokoyama approached Honda’s pickup car, and the two stood talking for a few minutes before getting into their respective cars. The teamwork seemed to be perfect.

Honda is in great shape both in public and private life. It’s no wonder her smile is full of charm.

She gets out of the cab and heads for her friend’s house, taken in October 2005.
Showing off a bold dress at the Tokyo International Film Festival, October 2005.
  • Photography Sota Shima, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Ippei Hara, Keisuke Nishi, Shu Nishihara

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