Hiroyuki Miyasako, whose first TV appearance in five years “disappeared,” declares war on the “anti-news media. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroyuki Miyasako, whose first TV appearance in five years “disappeared,” declares war on the “anti-news media.

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Hiroyuki Miyasako’s return to terrestrial broadcasting after a five-year absence was cancelled just before ……

He was told by Chiba TV that it’s been five years since his last appearance on ……!
I’ve been on TV for over 30 years, but this is the first time!

Hiroyuki Miyasako, formerly of “Ameagari Kesshitai,” updated his YouTube channel on May 31, and announced that his “return to terrestrial broadcasting is now off the table.

I’ve been on TV for 30 years, but this is the first time!

He reported that his “first TV appearance in five years” had been canceled.

In this video, he called Mr. Reo Takashima (Talent Box Inc.), the producer in charge of the program that was put on hold, and explained the situation.

The program “Takumi no Kyoshitsu” was a program in which “professionals” in various fields talked about their thoughts and feelings in front of the eggs of aspiring professionals such as TV personalities, actors, voice actors, etc. In the past, the program was aired on “TKO” and “Kiyo”. In past broadcasts, Takehiro Kimoto from “TKO” appeared on the program and talked about investment troubles.

Mr. Takashima said he is a personal fan of Miyasako and made the offer to Miyasako on his own initiative.

The program was recorded on April 23 after preliminary meetings, delivered to a compliance check company on May 13, and delivered to Chiba TV on May 22.

The program featuring Hiroyuki Miyasako, which was reported on the Internet news, was produced by an outside production company without such notification. Therefore, there are no plans to broadcast this program. That is all.

The recording session was a series of hilarious moments, and the audience was left with the impression that they were laughing at themselves.

According to Miyasako, the recording was funny

The sonic boom of laughter broke all the windows,” he said! A sonic boom of laughter. The students were fainting from laughing so hard!

He praised himself, as if to say, “The fish that got away is big.

I haven’t given up yet.
I’m still waiting for offers.
I’ll do my best!

In the video, he enthusiastically states, “Chiba TV is wasting a lot of money on production.

Chiba Television abandoned the already-recorded program, even at the cost of wasting a large production budget. When an outside production company is in charge, tickers, music, etc. are added and delivered to the TV station in a ready-to-broadcast condition. However, there must be a problem with Chiba TV, which has created a system in which no one knows the contents of the program until it is delivered.

The station’s producer should look at the proposal and give the OK before proceeding with the recording. Mr. Miyasako is a complete victim this time. Chiba TV’s written announcement is too much without any consideration or apology to Mr. Miyasako.

Although this case is not a precedent for a court case, it has left a strong impression of Miyasako’s “track record” as a TV nuisance. If a TV station goes to such lengths to prevent the revival of a program, it will be difficult for other programs to get involved.

But why is it that Miyasako’s appearance on the program is still so NG, even though the program passed the compliance checks this time?

One reason may be consideration for the sponsors, since the disgusted viewers may file a complaint. However, the most important reason is probably the discovery of Yoshimoto Kogyo.

More than the issue of black market business, Miyasako-san, who turned against President Okamoto at the subsequent press conference, is nothing more than an “enemy” to Yoshimoto. Yoshimoto will not actually say anything if we allow Mr. Miyasako to appear on the show, but there is no doubt that the TV stations are still concerned about him.

Miyasako has received comments from the antagonists about this time’s omission. Even so,

I’m sorry only to those people who said, “You’re being too brave” or “Please don’t come back. I’m not at all discouraged, and I don’t echo any of your words. Please just let me do this.

He then performed a gag of beating Passion Yara’s chest. He then declared war on the antagonists by showing his clenched fist.

I wonder if Miyasako will ever see the light of day on terrestrial TV again. ……

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