Hiroyuki Miyasako, whose number of views has gone from 26 million to 1.8 million per month, is about to “disappear” not only from the entertainment industry but also from the Internet. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroyuki Miyasako, whose number of views has gone from 26 million to 1.8 million per month, is about to “disappear” not only from the entertainment industry but also from the Internet.

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Hiroyuki Miyasako has shifted his main stage of activity from TV to YouTube. ……

Former “Ameagari Kesshitai” and YouTube star Hiroyuki Miyasako has reached a critical point in his career as his views have plummeted.

Miyasako, who disappeared from TV and the entertainment industry in 2007 after a reported problem of illegal business, has been active as a YouTuber without taking a sufficient period of self-restraint against the wishes of his former partner Hotohara Toru. He initially became a daily topic of conversation on Internet news and SNS with the help of YouTubers such as Hikaru.

Last March, after many twists and turns, he opened a yakiniku restaurant, Gyugujou, on Shibuya’s Center Street in Tokyo, which became a hot topic of conversation as famous YouTubers and celebrities visited the restaurant one after another.

Although some celebrities criticized the restaurant, saying that it might fail, it is still in business today, so it must be a relief for Miyasako to have a solid source of income,” said a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show.

However, as a former “multi-million yen player” in the entertainment industry, there is a problem that is a headache. The number of views on YouTube, his main battleground, has not been good.

A visit to Miyasako’s YouTube page, which is her main battleground, reveals that in December 2008, the total number of views for one month was approximately 26.4 million, but in October 2011, the most recent month, the number was 1.88 million, a decrease of approximately 93%.

The current number of subscribers is 1.29 million while the number of views is 1.88 million, indicating that subscribers may watch Miyasako’s videos only once or twice a month. This would make it very difficult to generate revenue.

The videos are properly edited, with tickers and well-crafted thumbnails. I have the impression that the videos are not growing at all in spite of the time and money spent on them. Takayuki Kinoshita of TKO, Keiichi Yamamoto of Gokuraku Tombo, Akihiro Nishino of King Kong, and others who are good friends with Mr. Miyasako often appear in the videos, and although they try various projects, the situation seems to be difficult.

Hiroyuki Miyasako, another “Hiroyuki”, gets a lot of superchat (money) from his live streaming without any editing, and he also archives his videos as they are broadcasted, so they have many times more views than Hiroyuki Miyasako’s videos. The video has many times more views than Mr. Miyasako’s, and he also keeps his videos in the archives. In terms of cost performance, there is a huge difference.

Meanwhile, his partner Hotarubara, who parted ways with Miyasako, has also been a regular on “Ametalk! (TV Asahi), and his partner, Hotarubara, who parted ways with Miyasako, is enjoying a successful entertainment life. (TV Asahi). What exactly is the reason why Miyasako has been abandoned by the public?

The reason why he is no longer a topic of conversation is that he is no longer even exposed on the Internet. I think the reason why we don’t see him anymore is because of his relationship with the “Internet news. For a while, he was complaining about every single thing that was written in the weekly magazines, calling the editorial department to complain, and making videos of it to gain views.

The media began to feel that “anything to do with Miyasako was too complicated” and “annoying,” and they stopped publishing articles about him. Once the articles were out of the public eye, you had to go to Miyasako’s YouTube page to see him. I think that is a major factor in his disappearance.

Miyasako is also insulated from Yoshimoto Kogyo. Will he have to give up on media exposure and focus on the development of his yakiniku restaurant? ……

  • PHOTO Yasuko Sakaguchi

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