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DJ SODA’s true feelings and the “real reaction” in Korea.

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DJ SODA performs at a live concert, and while opinions both for and against her are rife in Japan, how is she received in South Korea?

How is Korean public opinion reacting to the “claim” of DJ SODA, a popular female artist from Korea?

DJ SODA, who accused on her Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) that she was the victim of sexual harassment at the “MUSIC CIRCUS’23” music festival held in Osaka on March 13, has not been able to stop the uproar.

The gist of the incident is that DJ SODA was approached by some fans who touched his chest when he approached the fence where the audience was to enliven the live show. DJ SODA posted photos and videos of this incident as “proof” on social networking sites. With 5.16 million followers on Instagram, the impact of the incident was immeasurable, and the accusations against the perpetrators quickly poured in. In these days of “gender inequality,” the world is facing strong accusations of sexual violence, sexual crimes, and sexual harassment, and her argument can be said to be a legitimate one.

In fact, DJ SODA has made a similar argument in a magazine interview in the past. Last March, when she appeared on the cover of the April issue of MAXIM magazine, which was released in Korea,

DJ SODA said, “It is a mistaken idea to generalize that women suffer sexual violence because they wear revealing clothes.”

He said, “It is a wrong idea to generalize that women are sexually violated because they wear revealing clothes. Also,

“Some people who know my profession ask, ‘Are you on drugs? I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink coffee, smoke, or drink alcohol. It’s really sad that people judge me as bad because of my looks, or that I sold on my appearance even though I have no ability, or that I deserve to be sexually harassed.”

He revealed his true feelings. From this point on, she has consistently insisted that there is nothing wrong with wearing the clothes of one’s choice.

The “discomfort” being pointed out in South Korea

On the 19th, Tryhard Japan, the organizer of the event, released a statement. The company stated that it would file a claim for damages, file criminal charges, and take other legal action. The uproar continues to cause a stir, but what is the reaction in her home country of South Korea?

Most of the Korean media is reporting the facts of the case and that her claims are correct,

The postings on social networking sites also included the following lines: “Japanese people touch women’s breasts when they see them.”

She added, “It’s not my intention to touch her or sexually harass her because she has a lot of exposed skin.”

She added, “She has been doing this job for 10 years and she still has to tell people these things? What is going on with the intelligence level of Japanese men?”

These are some of the criticisms that have been voiced.

On the other hand, there are those who say that DJ SODA’s actions were “thoughtless” and that Japan and Korea are similar. In fact,

“I want to be angry, but Korea is no different in the way they flock to exposed women.

I don’t think it’s right to think that all Japanese are like this.

I don’t think it’s the same in Korea,” and “I don’t think it’s the same in Japan. In addition, there were responses such as, “I can see why you are successful.

Do you know why you are selling so well? Most of them are fans because they want to see your face and body. Do you know that’s why we design our products with a lot of exposure?”

Some people even said, “You know that’s why you design so many revealing designs.

It is true that her Instagram page shows nearly nude swimsuit photos and videos, and there is no way to deny that this is one of her selling points, so it cannot be said that the “self-responsibility” argument is completely absent in Korea.

DJ SODA has been in the news a lot, such as when he blurted out on Instagram that he was denied boarding a flight from New York to Los Angeles last April because the staff deemed his leggings with “F*** YOU” written on them to be “inappropriate. DJ SODA is a flamboyant, well-known, and popular DJ, but he also has an image of being a troublemaker at times. However, it is a fact that the perpetrator is 100% at fault for the recent incident. We can only hope that the turmoil involving both Japan and South Korea will be resolved as soon as possible, and that the scene of festival-goers enjoying the festival will not become a scene of violence.

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