A national actress who should be a model”…Kyoko Yoshine in “mature black sleeveless and white skirt” on the 10th anniversary of her debut. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A national actress who should be a model”…Kyoko Yoshine in “mature black sleeveless and white skirt” on the 10th anniversary of her debut.

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Yoshine held an event to release her first photo book. She vowed to make even greater strides in this milestone year.

Kyoko Yoshine (26), celebrating the 10th anniversary of her debut, continues to gain momentum.

In 2001, she made her acting debut in the drama “Last Cinderella” (Fuji Television), and just three years later, in 2004, she played the heroine in NHK’s morning drama “Besshin-san,” which catapulted her to stardom. In recent years, she has appeared in many high-profile productions, and her momentum is only increasing.

She is highly acclaimed in the industry for her acting ability, which is outstanding among actresses of her generation. In the movie “First Love” (2009), she played a shadowy and difficult role of a college girl who killed her father, but in the drama “True Criminal Flag” (NTV) in the same year, she played a subordinate supporting his boss with a cheerful personality.

In the drama “Old Rookie” (TBS) in 2010, she played a senior employee who becomes the trainer of the main character, Go Ayano, and in the third episode, she delivered a one-minute long dialogue that became a hot topic on SNS. It is no exaggeration to say that he is the most talented and talked-about actor of his generation. She can shine in both leading and supporting roles, and I am sure that more and more people in the industry will want to use her.

At a photo book release event held in June to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her debut, she appeared in a sleeveless black dress and a long white skirt. She expressed her gratitude to the large number of reporters who gathered at the event, and at the same time, she talked about her purpose in life as an actress and showed a fulfilled expression on her face.

Yoshine’s career is going well, but are there any actresses she can look to as models for her to make further progress? An entertainment industry insider asked.

She has a lot in common with Yui Aragaki,” said a source close to the entertainment industry. In fact, she was selected for the “Asahi Draft Beer Maluef” commercial after Niigaki. Both actresses share a similar image of purity, having both been heroines in commercials for Mitsuya Cider in the past.

There are also similarities in the way they are marketed by their agencies.

They also share the same attitude of not increasing their exposure in variety shows and other media. I like the office’s stance of avoiding excessive exposure on TV and adding too much color. It is also important to see if she can find a hit movie in the future. Ms. Niigaki’s appearance in the popular titles “Code Blue” in her third year as an actress and “Legal High” in her seventh year made her position in the industry unassailable.

Although she may feel that she is lacking in some areas compared to her predecessors, she should not be rushed. She can play a wide range of roles, from serious to comedic, and if she continues to be active, there is no doubt that she will make even greater strides. If she is blessed with a good number of films, I think she will come very close to becoming a nationally known actress.

Yoshine is aiming for a further leap forward. We look forward to the day when she becomes a national actress like Gakki.

Yoshine took the stage at the 10th anniversary photo book release event. During the press conference, she struck a “10th anniversary” pose.
Kyoko Yoshine, “a national actress who should be a model” on the 10th anniversary of her debut.
Kyoko Yoshine, who marked the 10th anniversary of her debut, is a “national actress who should be a model.
Kyoko Yoshine, who celebrated her 10th anniversary, is a “national actress who should be a model.
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