Riho Yoshioka’s “too neat white t-shirt and skirt” has 110,000 likes…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Riho Yoshioka’s “too neat white t-shirt and skirt” has 110,000 likes…!

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Riho Yoshioka during her attendance at the Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Awards (AFLO)

Actress and model Riho Yoshioka has been getting a lot of attention on her Instagram account for her “too neat white T-shirt and white skirt”. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen her in a white t-shirt. and “Soothing.

Yoshioka is wearing a white Miu Miu T-shirt and a long white skirt. She is sitting on a sofa with actor Yosuke Asari next to her. The two are friendly and seem to be having a great time. This photo was taken at …….

Actually, this post is an announcement for J-WAVE’s “UR LIFESTYLE COLLEGE” where Yoshioka is the navigator. According to the official website, the program “discusses a better lifestyle with comfortable music” with “guests from various genres.

“Yosuke Asari, a.k.a. Charlie-san, with Gekidan Shinkansen! We have a lot of fun talking about the atmosphere of the rehearsal room and other things. Please listen to it!

Incidentally, Yoshioka has played the role of a “fox” in a Nissin Foods “Donbei” commercial, and at the production announcement press conference, he said, “I played the role of a fox in a commercial, so I actually have a long history of playing foxes. Incidentally, the key to playing a fox is “never to show human ears. He says that he values the “non-human” setting.

We can’t take our eyes off Yoshioka, whose acting is getting more and more polished!

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