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Osawa Takao Gaining 20kls for His Role in Kingdom went Viral!

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Osawa Takao 20 kg build-up! A body that’s just about to be ripped off” (May 28, ’21 issue)

The sleeves of his T-shirt are too tight, his arms are too big, his stomach is too big. His body may be too heavy for a man, but he climbs up a steep hill, out of breath, swinging his pumped-up upper body like a pro wrestler. His expression complained to a man who looked like a trainer walking ahead of him, “It’s too hard…” It was actor Osawa Takao (55).

In fact, this is how Osawa was seen walking in Hiroo (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo) in May 2021.

Osawa gained 17 kg in the movie “Kingdom,” which was released in April ’19, and became the talk of the town. Despite appearing in the movie for less than 20 minutes, Osawa’s stoicism in creating the role and the degree to which he reproduced the character made fans of the original work say, ‘I’m into this role'” (source from the production company).

The “Kingdom” series is set in the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period of China in the B.C. era and follows Nobu (Kento Yamazaki, 28), a boy orphaned by war who dreams of becoming a great general, and Eimasa (Ryo Yoshizawa, 29), a young king who aims to unify China. Osawa plays the role of Wang Ki, the great general under heaven. The character is popular for his enormous size, unique way of speaking, and other peculiarities, and the Internet talked about how Osawa’s performance was just like Wang Ki himself.

‘At the time, he was working on a sequel.’ He must have gained more than 20 kg.

And for the third film, “Kingdom: Flames of Fate,” which opened in theaters on July 28, the weight was increased even more. At a stage greeting in Hokkaido, Osawa said,

I started training right away and drank protein three times a day, not just regular protein, but ice cream, whipped cream, and cereal as well, I gained 20 kilograms while living in constant fear.

“I was terrified and had to gain 20 kilograms while living in fear,” he said. As Osawa’s physical transformation progressed rapidly, it became a topic in the internet that he had to remake his costume four times.

The film attracted 703,500 spectators in the first three days. The film grossed 1.051 billion yen and ranked first at the box office.

Osawa’s once-in-a-generation “monster” performance has attracted many people.

Osawa came out of an upscale supermarket with a man who appeared to be a trainer. His upper body was toned, and his sleeves were in a panting state.
Osawa Takao 20kg build-up! Body that is “ripped to pieces!”
His biceps were especially thickened. Far from the image of Osawa he had previously portrayed, at the age of 53, he had attained a “perfect body.
Osawa getting out of his car in the parking space of a tower apartment building (July 29, 2022/August 5, 2022 issue).
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