Tomoyuki Sugano, the ace with wounds all over his body, is supported by a beautiful woman in her 20s who looks like Fuka Koshiba. | FRIDAY DIGITAL
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Tomoyuki Sugano, the ace with wounds all over his body, is supported by a beautiful woman in her 20s who looks like Fuka Koshiba.

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They returned to their love nest a little after 10:00 pm. The night before, Kanno had won his first victory of the season in Fukuoka. They were all smiles, as if they were celebrating.

A one-box car hire service pulled into the upscale residential area, where the average land price per tsubo is over 6 million yen and the price of a condominium unit for sale is 200 to 700 million yen……. The hired car stops quietly in front of a stately, low-rise residence. As the driver stood outside the car, the sliding door swung open and a man of imposing stature alighted.

He was Tomoyuki Sugano, 33, the ace of the Giants.

A beautiful woman with medium-length, close-cropped hair got out of the car. After bowing to the hired car, she rushed to Kanno. The two women headed toward the entrance of the residence, cuddling up to each other.

The auto-lock was unlocked by a beautiful woman with medium-length hair.

It was the day after his first start of the season against Softbank, in which he allowed four hits and two runs over five innings to earn his first win.

In his 11th year as a professional pitcher, Sugano had his sights set on this season. For the past few years, he had been plagued by repeated failures in his elbow, lower back, and lower body, and he had wounds all over his body. I reviewed my physical condition and form. In the off-season, he took a group of young pitchers to Hawaii and Miyakojima Island, where the weather was warmer, for an extended period of voluntary training. He regained the speed of his fastball and the sharpness of his slider. ……

He was considered to be one of the starting pitchers for the season opener, but a strained elbow during the season opener, coupled with a strained neck, caused him to drop out of the second team.

Manager Tatsunori Hara (64), who was suffering from “pitching breakdowns,” said, “I interviewed [Kanno] and asked him about it,

I asked manager Tatsunori Hara (64), who was suffering from “pitching troubles,” “Go and interview (Kanno). What are you doing? He said, “What are you doing? He started training in December, but it’s almost June now.

He was even “shot down” by the press. However, Kanno overcame this challenge.

He was supported by his pitching coach, Yasuo Kubo (65), who worked closely with him to check and correct technical problems. And then there was Ms. A, a beautiful woman who looked like Fuka Koshiba, as mentioned earlier.

We interviewed Mr. Sugano on his way home from training.

–Friday. Congratulations on your resurrection star in your first outing of the season.

Thank you very much! ……What’s going on?”

–I saw that you and Mr. A are getting along well. You live together, don’t you?

“Eh,…… no, we don’t live together. I’m sorry, I can’t say anything about it.”

Who is Mr. A, the man who won Kanno over? What did Kanno say to Friday’s direct question? Details will be revealed in the June 30 issue of Friday.

In late June, Sugano left the residence in a luxurious SUV, with Ms. A in the passenger seat, and headed toward Yokohama on the highway!
His record since his return is 1-1 with a 2.45 earned-run average (as of June 27). Sugano expressed his confidence, saying, “I’m getting better every time I pitch.

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