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Tomoyuki Sugano of the Giants, Responding to the Revival Despite Taking a 100 Million Salary Cut for Third Consecutive Year

A compilation of 23 years of love scoops: "After that love scoop," the Giants' ace and a beautiful woman who looks like "Fuka Koshiba.

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In June 2023, we reported on a sleepover and drive date with a new girlfriend of Tomoyuki Sugano, 33, the ace of the Giants, who had not been able to get into his stride until the end of the 2023 season. The woman who had been supporting him for the past year was a beautiful woman who looked like Fuka Koshiba. The following is a detailed look back based on the article we published on July 10, 2023 (ages and titles in the article are current at the time of publication).

They returned to their love nest a little after 10 pm. The night before, Sugano had won his first victory of the season in Fukuoka. They were all smiles, as if they were celebrating.

The average price of land per tsubo is over 6 million yen, and the price of a condominium unit for sale ranges from 200 to 700 million yen. A one-box hired car pulls into this mind-bogglingly upscale residential area. The hired car stopped in front of a stately, low-rise residence. As the driver stood outside the car, the sliding door swung open and a man of imposing stature alighted.

He was Tomoyuki Sugano, 33, the ace of the Giants.

A beautiful woman with medium-length, close-cropped hair got out of the car. After bowing to the hired car, she rushed to Sugano. The two headed toward the entrance of the residence, cuddling up to each other.


The auto-lock was unlocked by a beautiful woman with medium-length hair.

It was the day after his first start of the 2023 season against Softbank, in which he allowed four hits and two runs over five innings to earn his first win.

Not to be outdone by manager Hara’s verbal abuse

“In his 11th season as a professional pitcher, Sugano had his sights set on the 2023 season. For the past few years, he had been plagued by repeated failures in his elbows, lower back, and lower body, and he had wounds all over his body. In the off-season, he took a group of young pitchers to Hawaii and Miyakojima Island, where the weather was warmer, for an extended period of voluntary training. He regained the speed of his fastball and the sharpness of his slider.”

He was considered to be one of the starting pitchers for the season opener, but a strained elbow during the opening game, coupled with a strained neck, caused him to drop out of the second team.


I asked manager Tatsunori Hara (64), who was suffering from “pitching troubles,” “He started training in December of 2022, but it will soon be June of 2023.”

He was even shot down by the press. However, Sugano over came this challenge.

He was supported by his pitching coach, Yasuo Kubo (65), who worked closely with him to check and correct technical problems. And then there was the beautiful woman who looked like Fuka Koshiba.

“She is in her mid-twenties. I think they have been dating for about a year. They met when Sugano was having a hard time because he was having trouble throwing the ball as much as he wanted to due to his injury, but it was better that she was completely unrelated to the baseball world. I heard that she saves her work as much as possible and takes care of herself devotedly, including cooking and washing clothes.”

“When you saw Sugano back on the mound for the first team, did you think he had lost weight? Actually, he has lost 3 to 4 kg from his previous weight. He reviewed his weight training and diet, and modified his body to maximize his output without putting a burden on his body. He must have contributed greatly to that as well.”


Sugano used to live in a single-family house that he built in his mid-20s, but he moved out when he started dating her.

There were occasions when they would go for a drive together on their days off, but even after Sugano left for practice a little after 8:00 a.m., she would stay at the Residence and go shopping and other activities. Does the fact that she comes and goes from the residence without the room owner’s presence mean that the two are already living together?


We directly interviewed Sugano on his way home from training.

–Congratulations on your resurrection star in your first appearance of the 2023 season.

“Thank you.”

–I saw that you and Ms. A are getting along well. You live together, don’t you?

“No, we don’t live together. I’m sorry, I can’t say anything about it.”

–Do you plan to get married?

“I am sorry. That too.”

–I understand. Please lead the team to a victory.


On June 12, 2023, when this magazine witnessed them returning home, Sugano said in front of the press at the Giants’ stadium, “I was happy only until yesterday. I’m going to tighten up for my next start today,” 

The Giants’ mainstay, now that he has a reliable “wife,” holds the key to a comeback.


A 100 million yen pay cut for the third year in a row.

In the end, his record for the 2023 season was 4 wins, 8 losses, a 3.36 earned run average, and 54 strikeouts. Both wins and strikeouts were the lowest in his career, and his winning percentage was the lowest in his career. On December 2, 2023, he negotiated a contract renewal and received an estimated 400 million yen, a 100 million yen decrease for the third consecutive year. Even so, Sugano said, 

“I was very disappointed, but I was able to pitch with a high output in the second half and in the last five games. For the first time in a long time, I was satisfied with the ball I was throwing.”

He also revealed his response to his revival in the 2024 season. On December 16, 2023, he left for Hawaii, where he and catcher Takuzo Oshiro had been training voluntarily.


“The Giants failed to advance to the postseason for the second year in a row, and former manager Tatsunori Hara resigned with his contract remaining. Sugano, who had to take on the role of “ace” and nephew, probably feels the responsibility for this the most.”

“I think he has the strongest sense of responsibility and love for the Giants of all the teams, so I think all he can think about right now is baseball. I don’t think they will get married until after the 2024 season.”

In any case, the year 2024 is sure to be a critical year for Sugano.

In late June, he left the Residence in a luxurious SUV; with Mr. A in the passenger seat, Sugano took the expressway toward Yokohama!
His record since his return is 1-1 with a 2.45 earned-run average (as of June 27). Sugano expressed his confidence, saying, “I’m getting better every time I pitch”.
Tomoyuki Sugano, the ace with wounds all over his body, is supported by a beautiful woman in her 20s who looks like Fuka Koshiba.
Tomoyuki Sugano, the ace with wounds all over his body, is supported by a beautiful woman in her 20s who looks like Fuka Koshiba.
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