In a black skirt that accentuates her beautiful legs…South Korea’s First Lady “chatting with First Lady Zelensky” in a beautiful diplomatic photo. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In a black skirt that accentuates her beautiful legs…South Korea’s First Lady “chatting with First Lady Zelensky” in a beautiful diplomatic photo.

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Mrs. Kim chatting with the First Lady of Ukraine (PHOTO: South Korea Presidential Office/AP/Afro)

I admire your dedication to educating children and supporting orphans in the midst of war.

This is how the first lady of Ukraine was praised by the first lady of South Korea.

On May 16, Olena, 45, visited the presidential office in Yongsan, located in the center of Seoul, as an envoy of President Zelensky. She had a pleasant chat with Kim Keon-hee, 50, wife of President Yun Suk-yeol. She expressed her willingness to invite the South Korean president and his wife to her country, saying, “Ukraine is always waiting for friends.

Mrs. Olena was dressed in a white pants suit. Mrs. Kim was dressed in a black skirt and a light pink shirt that showed off her beautiful legs. The conversation was short, but the two shared a mutual understanding of each other’s activities. Mrs. Olena introduced Mrs. Kim’s interest in animal protection activities in Ukraine.

U.S. newspapers carried a feature article on Mrs. Kim’s glamorous attire.

In April, when she visited the U.S. with President Yun, President Biden and his wife welcomed them, and in May, she hosted visiting Korean Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and his wife, and offered tea to Mrs. Yuko Kishida, who has studied tea ceremony for over 20 years, at a famous temple in Seoul.

Mrs. Biden, who was so impressed by Mrs. Kim’s communication skills and concern, affectionately referred to her as “my friend.” The Washington Post published a feature article on Mrs. Kim, focusing on her glamorous attire. It described Mrs. Kim as ‘a person who is particular about fashion.

On the other hand, her domestic reputation is surprisingly low. According to the Korean TV station MBC, 36.6% of the respondents answered that they “rate” Mrs. Kim as the First Lady. According to the Korean TV station “MBC,” 36.6% of the respondents said that they “highly evaluate” Mrs. Kim as First Lady, while 55% said that they “do not evaluate.

The arrest of Kim’s own brother is having an impact. The brother proposed to the real estate developer E Corp. to participate in the urban development of Yangpyeong-gun in the eastern part of the country. Yangpyeong-gun forges a private document saying that Company E will be charged a development fee, a portion of the profits of which will be paid to the local government. It’s suspected that they tried to make their profits appear smaller and reduce the development burden. Although Mrs. Kim was not involved in the case, it is true that her family’s troubles have tarnished her impression of the company.

The beautiful First Lady of South Korea has received mixed reviews both at home and abroad. There is no doubt that she is the center of attention, for better or worse.

President and Mrs. Yun welcome Mrs. Zelensky to the presidential office (PHTO: South Korea Presidential Office/AP/Afro)
Meditating with Prime Minister Yuko Kishida’s wife at a famous temple in Seoul
Entertaining Mrs. Yuko with tea
Yuko and Kishida had a lively discussion about Japan-Korea culture and sports.
Hand in hand with President Yun to a dinner in the U.S.
With Mrs. Biden, whom he affectionately calls “my friend
The event became popular in the U.S., with leading newspapers running special features on the event.
President Yun and Mrs. Yun receiving a warm welcome in the U.S.
  • PHOTO. South Korea Presidential Office/AP/Afro Reuters/Afro

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