Bold pink skirt and long white dress… Korea’s beautiful First Lady “glamorous diplomatic scene” photo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Bold pink skirt and long white dress… Korea’s beautiful First Lady “glamorous diplomatic scene” photo

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Kim walks with Yuko Kishida (right), wife of Prime Minister Yuko Kishida, during a visit to South Korea (PHOTO: Jiji Press)

South Korea’s First Lady is once again in the spotlight.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and his wife visited Korea from May 7 for two days and one night. They were graciously hosted by Kim Keon-hee, 50, the wife of President Yun Suk-yeol, who was in the limelight during her visit to Japan in March of this year.

Prime Minister Yuko Kishida and his wife Yuko visited South Korea as a ‘return gift’ for President Yun and his wife’s visit to Japan. On the evening of August 7, the Kishida’s were invited to the residence wing of the presidential palace for a dinner that lasted nearly two and a half hours.

The menu included such delicacies as kujulpan, a traditional Korean dish, Korean beef bulgogi, and steamed wild shrimp. In consideration of Prime Minister Kishida’s love of alcohol, sake from Gyeongju in southeastern Korea, “the best sake in Korea,” was served. Kim and Kishida were said to have smiled and talked about the culture and sports of the two countries throughout the dinner,” said a reporter from a Korean newspaper.

Angie joins the dinner party

On the afternoon of the 7th, the wives also spent time socializing with each other. Kim, dressed in a bold pink suit and skirt, invited Yuko to the famous Tsuganji Temple in Seoul, where she was treated to tea. Kim commented through the president’s office, “Yuko is a very nice lady.

I heard that Mrs. Yuko has studied tea ceremony for more than 20 years. I prepared a tea table for her so that she could feel at ease during her first visit to Korea.

Mrs. Yuko said she was amazed at Mr. Kim’s thoughtfulness.

Kim’s diplomatic profile is not limited to Japan-Korea relations; when he and President Yun visited the U.S. in April, they were given a warm welcome by President and Mrs. Biden.

The dinner was attended by actress Angelina Jolie, whose son is studying at a Korean university. Mr. Kim appears in a long, pure white dress. Mrs. Biden’s delight was so great that she personally selected a Korean-American chef. She affectionately called him “my friend.

Originally, Kim’s popularity in Korea was so high that his fan club had nearly 100,000 members. However, his good looks and friendly character have also gained him recognition abroad. In some cases, he is even treated by the media more than President Yun,” said a reporter from the international department of a national newspaper.

In South Korea, it is said that if her words and actions stand out, President Yun’s approval rating will increase. Her talents are also being put to good use in the diplomatic arena.

The dinner in Korea proceeded in a friendly atmosphere from start to finish (PHOTO: Courtesy of the Office of the President of the Republic of Korea).
President Yun himself explained the ingredients (PHOTO: Courtesy of the Office of the President of the Republic of Korea)
Mrs. Yuko (far left) and Mr. Kim enjoying tea at a famous temple in Seoul (PHOTO: Courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
President Yun and Mrs. Yun received a warm welcome in the U.S.
Mr. Kim, in a long white dress, follows President and Mrs. Biden to the dinner venue.
Mrs. Biden affectionately called Mr. Kim “my friend.
The two first ladies of the U.S. and South Korea visit the museum together
President Biden and President Yun and his wife
Leaders and First Ladies of Japan and South Korea
  • PHOTO Jiji Press, courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs South Korea Presidential Office/AP/Afro Reuters/Afro

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