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The smell of success at the new office of Rie Miyazawa and Go Morita

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Her husband’s exit from Johnny’s doesn’t shake her status as an actress

On November 2, the sports press reported that Go Morita (42), who left the Johnny’s office on November 1 after the breakup of his group V6, and his wife, actress Rie Miyazawa (48), have established a new office, MOSS.

Since her debut at the age of 11, Miyazawa has been a member of M2 Kikaku, which was headed by her mother Mitsuko, known as “Rie Mama” (d. 65), who died of a liver tumor in 2002. She must have had a lot of feelings for this agency, but it seems that she decided to join them when Morita made a fresh start.

“Miyazawa and Morita started dating when they performed together on stage in 2004, and got married in March 2006. It is said that the couple’s rule is to check each other’s proposals and scripts when they are offered a job, and discuss whether to accept the offer.

The only announced work for Morita at the time of her departure from Johnny’s is the movie “Ex-convict” starring Kasumi Arimura (28), scheduled to be released in January of next year.

She said, “Now that we belong to the same agency, it’s easier for us to coordinate our schedules. For a long time, the advertising industry wanted to offer Morita commercial offers, but they were hesitant to do so because they didn’t think that the Johnny’s Office, to which Morita belonged, would accept them. However, now that Morita has left Johnny’s, he will be able to make the offer without hesitation. Since it is rare for a couple to appear together for the first time, the fee for the two of them is likely to be as high as 70-100 million yen.

Miyazawa is currently appearing in the drama “True Detective Flag” (NTV). It’s been 14 years since he appeared in a commercial drama series, “Who’s the most important person? (Nippon Television Network Corporation) in 2004, and it has been 14 years since she appeared in a commercial drama series.

She will be starring in a two-night drama special “Onna Kei Kazoku” with Shinobu Terajima (48) on TV Asahi before the end of the year, and the movie “Kessen wa Sunday” will be released on January 7 next year.

“Since her relationship with Morita was discovered, she has not been allowed to perform with any of the Johnny’s personalities, but this has not affected her acting career at all. Her acting skills are as outstanding as ever, and she continues to receive offers for both film and stage productions. I’ve heard that she has had to turn down offers in tears due to scheduling conflicts,” said a film industry insider.

On the other hand, Morita’s husband, who has left Johnny’s, is likely to receive fewer offers from commercial key stations in the future, just like the other “quitters.

However, Morita’s acting skills have been highly praised, as evidenced by her controversial role as the bizarre protagonist in “Hime-Ano-Ru,” her first starring role in a movie released in 2004.

From now on, it seems that her main activities will be on stage and in movies, which are her specialty, but she will not regret leaving the agency.

“The staff at the office is said to be minimal and homey. Miyazawa earns more money than Morita, but this is something Morita agreed to from the beginning of their marriage. Because of this, Morita is able to choose the work she likes and receive offers for it. The couple has a strong passion for the stage, and it is said that in the future, they will not only work together but also plan a stage production together. If that happens, the performance will be quite a hit,” said a sports newspaper reporter in charge of entertainment.

This is a rare case among celebrity couples, but it seems that they are starting to work together in the same direction.

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