Birthday date with Morita, rocking Asakusa date… Rie Miyazawa becomes “luxury cosmetics ambassador” and “beauty” image collection. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Birthday date with Morita, rocking Asakusa date… Rie Miyazawa becomes “luxury cosmetics ambassador” and “beauty” image collection.

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Miyazawa and Morita heading to Miyazawa’s home after a date at a bookstore in Tokyo in November ’17 (April 6, ’18 issue)

[Joon] I’m Reiko Shiratori, and I’ve just rehoused in Asahigaoka.

Rie Miyazawa made a shocking appearance in a “Mitsui Rehouse” commercial that began with a greeting scene at her new school. Thirty-six years have passed since then. On June 27, Miyazawa, who became the Japan ambassador for Shiseido’s luxury cosmetics brand Clé de Peau Beauté, appeared in a simple all-black outfit at the launch event held in Tokyo,

She spoke of the importance of skincare, saying, “In the midst of daily tension and stress, confidence can be boosted when you look in the mirror and see that your skin is looking good.

She also talked about the importance of skin care. Miyazawa’s pale skin, which contrasted sharply with her costume, was the subject of many flashes from the photographers in the audience.

In 1991, when she was at the height of her popularity, at the age of 18, she published an all-nude photo book, “Santa Fe,” which sold more than 1.5 million copies. In October 1992, she suddenly announced her engagement to Takanohana. They were called the “couple of the century” and caused a sensation. However, just three months later, the engagement was called off.

Miyazawa’s life up to the age of 21 was very turbulent.

(Sports newspaper reporter) Miyazawa’s reputation as an actor was raised by the 2003 film “Twilight Samurai” in which she played the heroine of the main character, a childhood friend. She played the heroine, a childhood friend of the main character, and won all kinds of awards that year, including the Academy Award for best leading actress. Last year, she played the role of Maki no 13-nin in the NHK historical drama “Kamakuradono no 13-nin,” in which she fully demonstrated her presence.

In her personal life, she married a businessman living in Hawaii in ’09 and gave birth to their first child, a girl, the same year.’ She divorced in 2004, but remarried Go Morita (44) in 2006.

FRIDAY” has been focusing on Miyazawa since shortly after her debut. The birthday date that made her decide to marry Morita, the lovey-dovey date with her ex-husband with her big 8-month pregnant belly, the rocky Asakusa date with a fashion designer…. We would like you to see Miyazawa’s beautiful figure in these treasured photos.

The birthday date that sealed her marriage to Go Morita

The two announced their marriage on March 16, 2006.

They started dating right after they performed together on stage in August ’16. Since then, they were seen together in various places such as Hakone, Okinawa, Ginza, and golf courses, but it was Morita’s 38th birthday date that became the deciding factor in their marriage. Mr. Miyazawa has told people around him that the reason he decided to marry her was because she is a kind person,” said a source from Miyazawa’s office.

This magazine had a scoop on the “birthday date. On that day, the two were having dinner with Miyazawa’s 8-year-old daughter at a high-end sushi restaurant in Tokyo. Morita was pensive, having to leave the restaurant several times to smoke a cigarette. Perhaps he had decided to become “family” with Miyazawa. I could see a kind of resolve in his expression. Three months earlier, in November 2005, I caught the two on a date at a bookstore in Tokyo. They returned to Miyazawa’s apartment, arm in arm, without hesitation.

In ’21, the two jointly established a new agency, and both their work and private lives seem to be going quite well. The movie “Moon,” to be released this fall, is a problematic film based on an actual murder case of a handicapped person, and Miyazawa plays the main character, a former famous writer working at an institution. We look forward to seeing her beauty as well as her profound performance.

Immediately after the engagement announcement, Miyazawa, who had been abroad for a drama location, returned home. This smile to the waiting media (Dec. 4, ’92 issue).
Miyazawa enjoying inline skating with friends (December 24, 1999 issue).
In fact, his new girlfriend, a young businessman 11 years his senior, was with him… (January 28, 2000 issue)
Miyazawa with his new girlfriend coming out of a high-class sushi restaurant (January 28, 2000 issue)
Miyazawa on a rock-style date in Asakusa with fashion designer Takuji Mikita, with whom he had been dating for five years (January 10 and 13, 2003 issues).
Miyazawa on a rock-style date with fashion designer Takuji Mikita at Asakusa (January 10 and 13, 2003 issues).
Miyazawa firmly answers “I am in a good relationship” when directly interviewed by this magazine (Jan. 10 and 13, 2003 issues).
At the Japan Academy Prize ceremony in 2008 (March 7, 2008 issue)
Miyazawa, who is eight months pregnant, on a date with a businessman she married in 2009, holding hands (April 24, 2009 issue).
Miyazawa’s hand-holding date with a businessman married in ’09 and 8 months pregnant (April 24, ’09 issue)
On February 20, 2005, Morita’s birthday, they dined at a high-class sushi restaurant with Miyazawa’s daughter. They were already like family (April 6, 2006 issue).
On Morita’s birthday on February 20, 2005, they dined at a high-class sushi restaurant with Miyazawa’s daughter. They were already like family (April 6, 2006 issue).
The two taking a walk (July 13, ’18 issue)
After the first day of the performance of the play in which she starred, she responded to fans waiting for her with a smile (October 4, 2007 issue).
The two shopping at a supermarket (June 26, 2008 issue)
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